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Fortnite’s Zipline glitch kills stunned Bugha during FNCS Finals

Published: 9/Dec/2019 9:38

by Matt Porter


Fortnite World Cup Solos champion Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf was stunned when he encountered a bizarre glitch involving the game’s Zipline that killed him during the FNCS Finals.

Bugha, alongside many recognizable pro players and streamers, was taking part in the Fortnite Championship Series Finals, the culmination of four weeks of intense play to find which squad was the best in Europe, North America, Oceania, and more.

While competing in the Grand Finals on Sunday, December 8, Bugha jumped on a Zipline, but couldn’t foresee how it would cost him his life, and almost leave his team a man down.

Epic Games
Epic Games
An issue with Fortnite’s Ziplines almost cost Bugha dearly.

After spotting a team in the tower at Weeping Wood, the 16-year-old hopped onto a Zipline to take a better looking, confirming to this squad that their enemies were now under the tower, before jumping off to wait for his allies to join him before engaging.

Much to his surprise though, the World Cup winner became knocked as soon as he hit the floor, losing all of his 100 Health Points as he swam back towards his teams in desperate search of a revive.

“Oh my God,” he fumed. “This game is so dogsh*t! Like what? I died to fall [damage]. Like I literally hopped off a Zipline.” Luckily, the Fortnite pro was close to his teammates who were able to save him, but had he ventured too far into enemy territory, or managed to become separated from his squad, it’s likely that his match would have been over with 85 players still in the lobby.

Unfortunately for Bugha, Ziplines have become a major issue for players since the release of the v11.21 patch, with an issue which sees players take fall damage from the mobility tool when they jump off and land in water, even though they should take no fall damage at all from the item.

Unfortunately, Epic Games have yet to address the glitch publicly, so when a fix for the problem will be released remains unknown, and with the developers choosing not to release patch notes for Chapter 2, it’s likely that players won’t know it’s been solved until they test it out.

Unfortunately for Bugha, any prospective fixes will be too little, too late, with the glitch the stand-out moment of an FNCS Finals where he finished outside of the top 10.


Why Fortnite players want “trash” vehicle challenges removed

Published: 15/Jan/2021 17:26

by Daniel Megarry


Fortnite players are getting frustrated with vehicle challenges, with some of them asking Epic Games to remove them from the popular battle royale entirely – here’s why.

Vehicles have become a staple of Fortnite, and The Island wouldn’t be the same without them. Whether you want to cruise the roads in a car, take to the waters in a motorboat, or even zoom around the skies in a plane, you can do that (unless they get vaulted, that is).

But while they may be fun to ride, they’re not necessarily going to help you win; there’s no respawning in Fortnite’s battle royale mode, so driving a noisy vehicle that will get the attention of all your opponents isn’t always the best idea.

Fortnite motorboat locations

Despite this, vehicles often feature in the game’s challenges, which are essential to earn that all-important XP to help level up the Battle Pass – and it’s something players are getting frustrated with.

Most recently, the Season 5 Week 7 legendary challenge requires players to ‘Damage Opponents in Vehicles’, with quite a few tiers to tick off. Completing this challenge in full requires a total of 2,500 damage to opponents in vehicles, which is no easy task.

In a Reddit thread titled “Can we stop with the vehicle challenges please?” several Fortnite players have left comments airing their frustration about the constant vehicle-based quests and how hard they are to finish.

Can we stop with the vehicle challenges please? from FortNiteBR

“The vehicle challenges are absolute trash,” wrote one player, while another added: “The game’s just becoming more and more of a grind, the legendary challenges have been a joke this season.”

The main problem people seem to have with vehicle challenges is that once they go live, no one wants to drive as they’ll become a target for other players wanting to complete the challenge. As a result, you have 100 players waiting to damage vehicles, and no one actually driving them.

Besides this frustration, other players have argued that there aren’t enough vehicles located around the map to be able to complete the challenge in the first place, and to make matters worse, there are no vehicle-based LTMs to get easy damage in either.

Fortnite vehicles
Epic Games
Players are calling for vehicle challenges to be removed from Fortnite.

“Just this challenge existing means people are not going to drive vehicles as much because everyone is going to be waiting for someone else to get in a vehicle so that they can shoot them,” wrote one player.

Another added: “I thought the mission was to deal damage WHILE riding in a vehicle. But since it’s to deal damage TO people in a vehicle, I’m thinking ‘Who the hell would make themselves a target like that?'”

A third pointed out that many vehicles are riddled with bugs and glitches, which makes having to use them even more frustrating: “No one’s riding in them unless they have to because they’re really buggy currently.”

Whether Epic will take heed of these concerns remains to be seen, although it seems unlikely right now.

They did recently promise to ‘look into’ claims that the customizable superhero skin was “unfair” and effectively “pay-to-win” as it allowed players to hide at night, so they are definitely listening when needed.