Fortnite zip-line fall damage bug uncovered in Chapter 2

Published: 6/Dec/2019 13:50

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite fans have seemingly found more problems with the battle royale’s ziplines but they can’t be absolutely certain as to whether its a problem or not.

Epic Game’s hugely popular battle royale title has blown away all of its rivals – including PUBG, Call of Duty: Blackout, and Apex Legends – as it attracts players with it free-to-play system and unique look. 

Since the launch of Chapter 2, Epic hasn’t quite tweaked the game as they did in the earlier seasons, however, they have addressed plenty of bugs in the few patches so far. Yet, Fortnite players believe they’ve stumbled – or rather, fallen – on to a new problem that the developers may need to fix sooner rather than later.

Epic GamesZiplines have been around in Fortnite for quite some time – but have had plenty of issues.

In a post to the FortniteBR subreddit, one user showcased a video from one of their recent games where they had been using the game’s ziplines.The Redditor was traveling towards Steamy Stacks when about halfway through their journey, they jumped off the zipline after spotting a Loot Llama.

However, instead of splashing down safely in the water, they were knocked down to the ground and required the help of a teammate to get them back in the game.

Somehow Died of Fall Damage from Jumping OFF a Zip Line and INTO WATER from FortNiteBR

Seeing as jumping off a zipline is supposed to cause fall damage, plenty of fans were left bemused by how the player had managed to need a pick-up – seemingly indicating that this was a bug.

Others, however, pointed out that it may have been due to their landing in the water. “You hit the ground underneath the water because you landed near the shore. You need to land in deeper water,” added cjameke673, despite multiple reports of players suffering the same issue.

Now, the Epic Games developers do regularly sweep the subreddit and respond to problems, but as of writing, they haven’t responded to this thread.

It remains to be seen as to whether or not they are aware of the problem, and if they explain if it is bug or not. If it is a glitch, though, fans will be hoping to see a fix sooner rather than later.


Benjyfishy says competitive Fortnite could die as prize pools keep getting lower

Published: 10/Jan/2021 17:50

by Julian Young


Season 5 of the Fortnite Competitive Series hasn’t even started, but pro players – like Benjy ‘benjyfishy’ David Fish – are already calling out Epic Games over the lack of prize money that’s up for grabs in 2021.

The Fortnite Competitive Series (FNCS) wrapped up its Season 4 competition in November 2020, and players have been eagerly awaiting the start of FNCS in Season 5. On December 4, Epic Games announced their plans for the next series of Fortnite’s top competitive tournaments.

Epic later confirmed that Season 5 of FNCS would begin on February 4. Outside of FNCS tournaments, the developer also announced they would be “putting together a schedule featuring more weekly tournaments, unique tournaments, and Creator Cups.”

While this seemed to be a community-focused move, player opinion turned negative when Epic revealed details on the prize pools for some of the additional events. After seeing the news, pro player benjyfishy voiced concerns on the state of competitive Fortnite in 2021.

Fortnite FNCS Bragging Rights Announcement Image
Epic Games
Epic’s recent announcement of “Bragging Rights” events was not well-received by the community.

Benjyfishy tweeted out two separate threads regarding the competitive scene. He began by pointing out how 2021 features the “least amount of tournaments we have ever had with the least amount of money.” He added that on top of those problems, Fortnite’s fun-factor is also at an all-time low.

The pro then voiced concerns about Epic’s distribution of prize money. “Every time we see that they lower cash cup prize pool we think that they are gonna put it into FNCS or something but it literally never happens,” he said, speaking about the reduced prize pools across the board.

Benjyfishy started his second series of tweets by mentioning how these issues were handled much better in the past. He said that there is no longer a reason for him to “grind” the game like he did in the past due to a lack of enjoyment and the smaller financial incentives.

He also shared his thoughts on the current trajectory of the competitive Fortnite scene. Benjyfishy argued that if Epic continues reducing prize pools – and the incentive for new players and veterans to compete – “the comp scene will slowly start dying out.”

And the NRG player is not the only big-name player to share concerns on the current state of FNCS and competitive Fortnite. Other prominent pros and content creators voiced their own concerns too.

Fellow pro player Jaden ‘Wolfiez’ Ashman called out Epic for the large reductions in prize money. Referencing the announcement of “Friday Nite Bragging Rights” (where winners receive a mention from the competitive Fortnite Twitter account) Wolfiez joked that prize pools have been reduced to “shoutouts.”

Other well-known players like Ryan ‘Chap’ Chaplo and Leon ‘Khanada’ Khim shared their own concerns on the state of competitive play. Chap joked that the FNCS prize pool would be reduced to V-Bucks, while Khanada blasted Epic over their reductions in prize pool money.

“600 for first are you f**king serious bro how does it go from 3k to 600,” the pro player asked, referencing an 80% reduction in prize money for some events. The responses from fans showed the community largely feels the same way, with many voicing their own disappointment in the smaller prize pools.

While most of the community has been critical of competitive play heading into 2021, some players are trying to find a silver lining. FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill chimed in on the subject, offering his criticism of the situation but also providing an idea for Epic to address the community’s feedback.

Using money from Battle Pass sales could be an easy way for Epic to provide higher prize pools moving forward. With revenue from each pass adding up to hundreds of millions of dollars, giving some of that back to the community could go a long way in addressing the current concerns.

Epic has not released any new updates on competitive Fortnite since the Bragging Rights announcement on January 6. It remains to be seen whether the developer will respond to the community’s backlash or take any action to up the prize pools for tournaments moving forward.