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Ninja explains “how far he’s come” in competitive Fortnite after FNCS

Published: 9/Dec/2019 2:34

by Andrew Amos


Fortnite Battle Royale star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has reflected on his rapid growth in competitive Fortnite after a top-10 placing in the Fortnite Champion Series squads finals on December 8, saying that he’s “back up to par” with the best of them.

After consistent performances throughout the five-week season, Ninja and his squad of FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill, Trevor ‘Funk’ Siegler, and TSM’s ‘Reverse2k’ climbed to the top of the squad ladder to get a top-10 finish in the FNCS finals.

While they weren’t able to take the title out for themselves, Ninja said he was proud of his efforts as he looks to climb back up to the top of competitive Fortnite. 

YouTube: MarshmelloNinja took home the 2018 Fortnite World Cup Pro-Am playing alongside Marshmello.

The streaming superstar has been working on getting back into the esports side of the battle royale, and results like these demonstrate that he’s on the right track.

“We played out of our minds, we played super well,” he said, describing his team’s performance in the finals. “Reverse disconnected in the first game, but we were able to come back, clutch up, and get two 16-point games back-to-back after that.

“We didn’t a single half-half zone which is super unfortunate because you need to get at least one of those to dominate and perform and win, and we got max distance pulls every time, but we played well though.”

It wasn’t just growing together as a squad though. Ninja himself has dedicated more time to improving and making sure his skills are up there with the best of them.

“I’m happy with how I played and how far I’ve come in terms of my individual talent,” he said. “I definitely fell off a lot when I really wasn’t focusing on competing.

“I wasn’t practicing my building, my editing, literally anything. Now I definitely feel like I’m back up to par with every single top player and it feels good.”

The Fortnite Champion Series was the streamer’s return to competitive play, having not competed in an official capacity since June’s World Cup qualifiers. 

Epic GamesNinja participated in the Fortnite World Cup 2019 Pro-Am, but the streamer didn’t play in any of the professional finals.

After failing to make the finals of the prestigious event in 2019, Ninja’s sights are firmly set on sitting on stage at the World Cup in 2020 in either solos, duos, or squads. 

He has stated that he “will be continuing to compete” in Solo Cash Cups and the next season of FNCS, which is expected to start in the coming weeks, and continuing to improve as a player until he reaches the top.

Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 1 NA East Grand Finals results

Placing Squad Points Prize Money
1 Avery, Ronaldo, Unknown, KEZ 89 $170,674.56
2 MackWood, Vinny1x, Zexrow, Calc 85 $68,238.45
3 Dubs, Megga, Bizzle, Eclipsae 68 $54,590.76
4 Saf, Zayt, HighSky, Commandment 57 $40,943.07
5 Nittle, Posick, Smqcked, Mikey 56 $33,988.50
6 72hrs, Vivid, Chap, CizLucky 51 $27,295.38
7 Cloakzy, Khanada, Fiber, Tfue 46 $20,495.68
8 Funk, Nate Hill, Ninja, Reverse2k 45 $13,647.69
9 Punisher, Jacobaqi, gage, Tossily 40 $10,928.61
10 Ando, Coop, JeRM, steanzz 39 $5,438.16
11 Agholor, Inspyre, Arab, Cazz 39 $5,438.16
12 Bini, Diggy, nanolite, Shaedess 39 $5,438.16
13 Keys, Zyfa, Cloud, Kreo 33 $5,438.16
14 Jerids, Furious, Osp, Vexzcy 30 $5,438.16
15 Eeasu, Asylum, snakey, zJon 29 $5,438.16
16 Htag, Mercyfps, n3moxd, potgxd 28 $5,438.16
17 Ace1xx, Hajie, Zimeo, Problem 27 $5,438.16
18 Blakeps, Clix, Crimz, Spades 25 $5,438.16
19 Predator, Perplexii, HazThaGreat, Knight 18 $5,438.16
20 Jamer, TeeJay, voil, VYX 15 $5,438.16
21 Thwifo, STRETCH, clarityG, Bugha 15 $5,438.16
22 Adonis, lyejax, Trunks, Spud Lite 14 $5,438.16
23 Gandi, roqz, frat, Tezza 10 $5,438.16
24 STATSY, Goosh, Nine Brees, Strobe 5 $5,438.16



SypherPK reveals tips on how to master Fortnite Zero Point Crystals

Published: 4/Dec/2020 17:18

by Daniel Megarry


Fortnite Season 5 now has a new teleporting feature thanks to the new Zero Point Crystals, and SypherPK has shared some must-know tips to help you master it.

As one of the most popular Fortnite content creators, many players look to SypherPK to offer advice and tips on how to master Epic’s online multiplayer battle royale – and he’s delivered once again with advice on making the most of the new teleport ability.

One of the biggest map changes in the game’s Season 5 update was the introduction of a new crystalline sands area right in the middle of the action. As well as letting players sink and hide, the area brings a new item called Zero Point Crystals.

A photo of the current new playable hunters in the season.
Epic Games
Zero Point Crystals can be found in the new sand-covered center of the map

During his December 3 video, SypherPK argued that “everyone is sleeping on the Zero Point Crystals” and offered up several reasons why they can actually be one of the most useful items to collect in Fortnite Season 5.

He explained that if you destroy crystals near the Zero Point and consume the small parts that scatter, you can perform a crystal-dash that lets you effectively teleport a short distance in any direction – even upwards if you need to get some height.

The crystal-dash is performed by double jumping and facing the direction you want to travel. Once you’ve consumed a crystal, you’ll have the ability for 30 seconds. It might seem like a small thing, but it could be a game-changer for getting out of tricky situations.

“If you really master the movement of the crystals, you can be very difficult to pin down and you don’t even have to build,” SypherPK explains in his video. “You can just be constantly flying around your opponent.”

Topic starts at 1:30

While you can’t use the crystal-dash to move through solid surfaces or buildings, SypherPK discovered an exploit that lets you teleport through even a tiny gap in another player’s builds and dive into their box. It’s tricky to pull off, but rewarding when it works.

“You just fly into their builds, and once you get the timing right, it’s actually not that hard to repeat over and over,” he said. “You just gotta get the timing right.”

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