Fortnite v10.20 update map changes – Pandora Rift Zone and more

Connor Bennett

Fortnite’s newest update for Season 10 – the v10.20 patch – is here and has given fans a brand new point of interest, as well as some other map changes. 

The v10.20 update was released on August 27, adding the brand-new Shield Bubble item to Fortnite Battle Royale, as Season X starts to ramp up even further. There was also the removal of the Storm Flip throwable, meaning that you can no longer inflict storm damage or create space with the threat of the storm circle.

As with any Fortnite patch, Epic Games makes a few tweaks and changes to the battle royale island. Season 10 is a little different compared to previous seasons, however, with smaller twists being made to the map instead of sweeping changes. Yet, there are still plenty of new areas to dive right into.

Epic GamesEpic have pulled off a Fortnite and Borderlands crossover.

Pandora Rift Zone

The biggest change to the map in the v10.20 update comes in the form of the Truck ‘n’ Oasis Truck Stop being destroyed by the Rift Beacon. It shouldn’t be a surprise, though, as the Rift Beacon was seen activating in the area on August 26.

The long-time area has changed in the wake of a Fortnite and Borderlands crossover. The new Rift Zone now has a Pandora-inspired look from the Gearbox Software series, with players able to generate shield from being inside the newest Rift Zone.

Epic GamesThe Borderlands-inspired look is definitely big change to the Fortnite Map.

There are also pre-fabs from the newest Rift Zone in Fortnite Creative mode, meaning that you can, indeed, create your own Pandora-style area. 

Players will also have the chance to have their own Borderlands-inspired Block creation placed on the Battle Royale map.

Dusty Depot Changes

One of the smaller map changes in the v10.20 update has come at Dusty Depot as the Vistor appears to be waging war against the BRUTE Mechs.

The small hideout has been set-up since Season X got underway, with the Rift Beacon first appearing there before heading around the map. Does this new change mean that tweaks, or even the long-awaited vaulting of the BRUTE Mechs is just around the corner? Only time will tell.

DexertoThe Visitor is taking apart the BRUTEs at Dusty Depot.

More and more Fortnite map changes will appear as the in-game downtime lifts and players are, once again, able to cause mayhem on the battle royale island.

We’ll continue to update this post as they become available, with pictures and videos to show what you can expect when you have the chance to dive into the new patch.

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