Ninja explains why he’s staying on Fortnite while everyone’s playing Minecraft

Albert Petrosyan
Ninja - Mixer / Microsoft

With many top streamers recently featuring Minecraft more on their content channels, Mixer superstar Tyler ‘Ninja Blevins has given insight as to why he’s sticking to Fortnite Battle Royale.

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When one thinks of Fortnite, some of the biggest names in livestreaming come to mind, as the popular battle royale has dominated viewership charts on Twitch for nearly the past two years.

However, several of those same streamers have recently found a reborn interest in Minecraft, the age-old classic that will seemingly never really fade away.

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In light of this, Ninja has been faced with a lot of fans and interested viewers asking him to try out Minecraft for himself on stream, but the Mixer star hasn’t given into that temptation yet.

As for why that’s been the case, he gave a brief explanation in response to a donation from a viewer who said he missed watching him play Fortnite with the likes of DrLupo.
Minecraft has become a lot more popular again recently among top streamers, but not yet Ninja.
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“I miss the days when my friends played Fortnite,” he said, tongue in cheek. “Now they’re all playing Minecraft and Overwatch. ‘Everyone’s playing Minecraft now.’

He then went on to hint that he may too soon join them, although also offering a reason for why he might end up sticking to Fortnite.

“I’ll probably start playing Minecraft soon too,” he said. “I mean, at this point, I’d just be silly not to. However, I don’t know. Because that last YouTube video with the squad fills did really well.”

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“So if I start making dedicated content to YouTube after I get off stream, I feel like my YouTube channel will see a growth in views again, and I like my views. I’ll be your light in shining Fortnite. While everyone is else is building blocks and dying to creepers.”

Video starts at 0:37 mark for mobile users.

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Now that we know where Ninja stands on possibly streaming Minecraft, it’s also worth gauging how his fanbase feels about the potential change in his schedule.

His wife, Jessica Blevins, recently put out a poll on Twitter in order to see how many of their followers would actually want to watch him stream Minecraft, and the results were pretty telling.

67% of the 183,000+ who voted said they would want to watch the former Halo-pro stream Minecraft, a very convincing statistic that can end up making the difference.