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Fortnite 16.30 update patch notes: Neymar skin, new exotic bow, crafting changes

Published: 27/Apr/2021 10:12

by Alan Bernal


Epic Games have released the Fortnite v16.30 update that’s bringing a new exotic bow to the loot pool, a new LTM with the Floor Restores, and quality of life changes to the Crafting system.

Fortnite Season 6 has been a roaring success so far, with a bunch of new features like tameable wild animals, a crafting system for making powerful weapons, and a bunch of map changes including new POIs like The Spire and Colossal Crops.

But Epic aren’t stopping there, as another new update has just arrived. In v16.30, players can expect to see the long-overdue arrival of football superstar Neymar Jr, as well as some brand new LTMs and Creative Mode changes.


You’ll also be glad to know that the Spire Quests have been fixed, as some players were facing a bug that stopped them from completing the challenges.

Take a look down below for everything from the v16.30 patch downtime to what’s expected to come when the official patch notes are released.

Fortnite Deimos Loading Screen
Epic Games
Fortnite v16.30 has arrived!

When is the Fortnite v16.30 update? Downtime details

As previously announced by Epic Games, downtime for the 16.30 update began on Tuesday, 27 April, at 4AM ET (9AM BST) with matchmaking being disabled shortly before then.

This update isn’t as big as previous ones, so it hopefully shouldn’t take you too long to download. The update sizes for each platform are as follows:


  • PS4: 3.3GB
  • PS5: 2.4GB
  • Xbox: 2.3GB
  • Xbox One: 2.3GB
  • Switch: 1.5GB
  • PC: 1.38GB

As usual, Epic Games prepared their Fortnite players for the game to go down for around an hour to get the v16.30 patch live on the servers. Fortunately, downtime is now over, meaning you can jump right in.

Fortnite v16.30 patch notes

Neymar Jr. skin arrives!

Neymar skin and cosmetics in Fortnite
Epic Games
Neymar Jr. has arrived on the Island.

This is definitely the highlight of this latest patch: After weeks of teasing, Brazilian football star Neymar Jr. finally arrives in Fortnite with the v16.30 update.

Players will need to complete a new set of quests to unlock the sports icon and his matching cosmetics, which include a back bling and pickaxe. You can find out how to unlock Neymar Jr. right here.


Neymar Jr. LTM: Soccer Ball

As well as the football pro himself arriving on the Island, Neymar Jr. is getting his own themed limited-time mode called Soccer Ball.

Players will compete in an 8v8 showdown where eliminating other players will give Gold Bars as a reward. This can then be used to upgrade equipment. There will also be infinite respawns.

New Unstable Bow exotic weapon

Following in the footsteps of the Grappler Bow, which went live during the v16.20 update, a brand new exotic weapon has been added to Fortnite. It’s called the Unstable Bow, and the name seems very appropriate.

The official weapon description reads, “A bow that fires… something”. When fired, it will either launch a Fire Arrow, a Shockwave Arrow, a Grenades Arrow, or a Stink Arrow, which sounds pretty fun.



The Floor Restores LTM

We don’t know much about this limited-time mode yet, but Epic have teased that players will need to “stay low and stay safe” in the new Floor Restores LTM.

It goes live this weekend, so mark your calendars if you want to be one of the first to try out this new mode.

Crafting changes in Fortnite

crafting mechanical bow fortnite
Epic Games
Crafting should be less of a pain after the Fortnite v16.30 patch update.

Crafting is getting a small quality of life update that’s going to make using the system much more straightforward in the chaotic battle royale.

Players will now be able to hold the Inventory button with a craftable item in hand to jump right into the crafting tab, rather than having to navigate through menus in the middle of a gunfight.


New skins and cosmetics

As always, a bunch of new skins and cosmetics have been added to Fortnite with the v16.30 update. One of the most interesting is the Knights of the Food Court bundle, which features three food-themed warriors.

Most of these aren’t available in the game right now, but will be added to the Item Shop in the coming weeks. You can find information on all of the leaked Fortnite skins in Season 6 right here.


Helicopters and Surfboards coming to Creative Mode

There are a few updates to Creative Mode in v16.30 as well. One of the biggest is the addition of new items including the Helicopter Spawner, which spawns a pilotable helicopter, and the Surfboard Spawner.

Crash Pads that can “bounce players and save them from fall damage” are also being added.

Fortnite v16.30 bug fixes

Along with the Fortnite v16.30 downtime announcement, Epic Games gave a peek into what players can expect to come when the new update finally lands.

Here is the full list of bugs fixed in v16.30:

  • Players receiving a Quest from Jonesy the First that does not grant rewards.
  • Storm visual effects appearing outside of the Storm.
  • (Creative) Recent Islands list does not update.
  • (Creative) Flag does not respawn when flag carrier leaves game.
  • (Creative) Allow Spectate Other Teams setting not working.
  • (Save The World) The Bad Clams / Destroy Fungus quest in Scurvy Shoals have a low spawn objective rate.

That’s everything for the v16.30 update so far. Make sure to visit our Fortnite main page for all the latest news, leaks, and guides you need.