Fortnite update 22.40 patch notes: Grapple Glider, Tainted Towers, new cars

A Fortnite loading screen for the 22.40 updateEpic Games

Fortnite v22.40 has arrived, bringing one final update before the end of Chapter 3 Season 4, so here are the patch notes including details on the new Rocket League cars and Tainted Towers.

Now that it’s been announced that Chapter 4 is coming in December 2022, many Fortnite fans will be looking ahead to a brand new chapter of content including (hopefully!) a brand new map to explore.

But Epic Games aren’t finished with Chapter 3 just yet, as there’s one final mid-season update to enjoy which is bringing Rocket League cars to the Island and adding files needed for the upcoming live event.

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Below, you’ll find the patch notes for Fortnite update 22.40 including the new features you can expect.

A clock representing downtime before a Fortnite updateEpic Games

Fortnite update 22.40 patch notes

Rocket League cars arrive on the Island

Rocket League cars have been available in Creative mode for a while now, but they’re finally zooming onto the Island for their long-overdue Battle Royale debut in the v22.40 update!

What’s so special about these cars? Well, they have “rocket boosters, supersonic speed, and the ability to jump, double jump, dodge, take flight, and drive on walls”.

A Rocket League car in FortniteEpic Games

Rocket League Quests and freebies

To celebrate Rocket League cars arriving in Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, there will be a new set of quests to complete based on these fast-paced vehicles.

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Even better, there will be a handful of free cosmetics to unlock along the way, including a pickaxe and a skateboard back bling with several Rocket League-themed designs.

Rocket League cosmetics in FortniteEpic Games

Glide away to safety with the Grapple Glider

A brand new item called the Grapple Glider has arrived in the loot pool with the 22.40 update. It’s called the Grapple Glider, and it lets you pull yourself into the air before gliding away to safety.

You can find the Grapple Glider from the ground, Chests, Chrome Chests, and Supply Drops.

Grapple Glider in FortniteEpic Games

Tilted Towers is now Tainted Towers

Following the 22.40 update, Tilted Towers is now known as Tainted Towers. We’re not quite sure why, as it doesn’t seem to have changed, but maybe it will have something to do with the upcoming event?

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A new lobby for the upcoming live event

It’s been confirmed that the Fracture live event will take place on December 3, 2022, and it looks like we’re getting a new lobby background to mark the occasion.

Fortnite update 22.40 bug fixes

There’s just one bug fix arriving with the Fortnite v22.40 update, which you can see below:

  • Prop Movers can’t always be reactivated in a round in Creative mode.

That’s everything we know about Fortnite update v22.40 so far! We’ll keep this page updated when more details are shared, but in the meantime, check out our Fortnite page for more content.