Fortnite update 15.20 patch notes: new & unvaulted weapons, skins, Predator

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Fortnite patch 15.20 update Jonesy stares at Zero Point.Epic Games

Epic Games next Fortnite Season 5 update, patch 15.20, has arrived and it continues the “bounty hunter” theme. Here are all the details we have so far, including patch notes, new weapons, and more.

Fortnite players have had more than a month to play around in the new “Zero Point” world, and now Epic Games are changing things all over again. Following a winter break, the v15.20 update finally arrived on Wednesday, January 13.

While Epic don’t release official patch notes, we do know what’s arrived in Fortnite’s latest Season 5 patch; here’s everything we know about update v15.20 so far, starting with all the details on Wednesday’s downtime.

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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5Epic Games
The latest Season 5 update has arrived in Fortnite.

Fortnite v15.20 early patch notes

Epic ships more pre-edit changes

Epic Games listened to feedback regarding the Pre-Edits Option and have made some adjustments in the latest patch. Now, with ‘Disable Pre-Edits On,’ all player-built structures cannot be edited until they’re placed.

It’s a small change, but a welcome one players have been asking for forever since it was added to the game. It makes it easier for them to get the piece they intended without a hitch.

Fortnite adds new Exotic: Hop Rock Dualies

Brace yourselves, folks. The latest patch adds an exciting new Exotic weapon called the Hop Rock Dualies. We’ll have to wait until the patch drops to see them in action, but it will include two pistols, making it the perfect weapon for gunslingers.

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If you’re good enough, you’ll be able to dance and hop around your enemies and mow them down in style. It will set you back some gold bars, but it sounds like it’s more than worth it.

Plus, they’ll have a reduced price for a limited amount of time. You’ll be able to visit key characters on the island and trade in some gold bars at a discounted price. So, once the patch is live, there’s no reason not to give them a crack.

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Fortnite Patch NotesEpic Games
The Hop Rock Dualies will look something like the dual pistols featured above, but with an Exotic twist.

New & unvaulted weapons/items

There are a total of four new or unvaulted weapons and items coming into the loot pool for the v15.20 update. You can see the full list below, which has been confirmed by VastBlast:

  • Legendary Tactical Assault Rifle
  • Rare Tactical Assault Rifle
  • Lever Action Shotgun (All Rarities)
  • Uncommon Snowy Flopper

Unlike other shotguns, the new Lever Action Shotgun has the power to drop enemies in a single well-aimed shot. However, you’ll have to make sure your aim is on point because if you miss, you’ll be vulnerable while you reload.

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“Something stirs” in Fortnite patch 15.20

New weapons are exciting, but so are the events and lore that unfold in each Fortnite chapter and season. In the latest patch, players will notice that something is happening in the forest near Stealthy Stronghold.

There seems to be an invisible foe stalking players and leaving clues behind in the area. Some people think they’ve got a pretty good idea of what it is. They believe it’s tied to an exciting new crossover.

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Leakers have uncovered a new Nightmare spray and banner, which most people will recognize instantly. It’s based on Predator, which has led most Fortnite fans to believe he’ll be arriving as a secret skin in the game.

Fortnite v15.20 new skins and cosmetics

Reliable Fortnite data miner HYPEX has provided us with a first look at some of the upcoming character skins, added to the game files after this latest patch.

Ruby Shadows and Tess skins will be added to the game, as well as a new character called Orin who’s essentially a male counterpart to the popular Season 5 skin Lexa. He’s described as being “on the hunt for his long lost twin”.

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Fortnite v15.20 bug fixes

As usual, the Fortnite team has also flagged a number of bugs on their official Trello board. This week’s patch has a stack of fixes included for battle royale, Save the World, and even a few for the game’s mobile version too.

Here is the full list of bug fixes coming in v15.20:


  • Sound effect audio delay.
  • Flip Rest Lobby Track inadvertently removed from players’ Lockers.
  • Multipoint Edge Glider deforming midair.
  • Michonne Outfit visual issues with cape Back Blings.

Battle Royale

  • Game freezing when going to the Complete tab on PlayStation and Xbox.
  • Sand Tunnelling temporarily disabled.
  • Total Bars appearing as “0” in a match.
  • Hypernova Outfit appearing as a different Outfit in the Lobby and in-match.
  • Rebooted players may see an already completed Bounty.

Save the World

  • Quest progress not instantly updating in the HUD and Quest Log.
  • Broken Pickaxe animations.

Mobile Top Issues

  • Voice chat issues on Android.
  • The player loses all movement after jumping through Zero Point.

So, there you have it; all the notes and planned changes for Fortnite’s second Season 5 update. Once the official v15.20 details are released and added to the game, we’ll be the first to let you know.

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