Fortnite Season 5 map changes: Salty Towers, Zero Point, more

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Epic Games has turned the Fortnite Chapter 2 map on its head in Season 5, bringing back old POI favorites like Tilted Towers ⁠— with a salty new twist ⁠— and brand-new locations, in the ‘Zero Point’ update. Here’s all the changes.

Galactus has been defeated, but the war to save Fortnite’s island seems far from over. The war against the towering Marvel villain appears to have made the ‘Zero Point’ at the heart of the island unstable, warping different realities together.

That has led to a huge upheaval on the iconic Fortnite map. While it’s not exactly a totally new revamp, like many were expecting, there’s a host of new, themed points of interest, as well as the return of a few famous POIs from seasons past.

The huge seasonal change has shifted the battle royale dramatically, dropping Fortnite fans into a warped version of the Chapter 2 map.

Fortnite v15.00 takes players to “Zero Point” island

The biggest change is that the center-point of the island, previously focused around Midas’ lair at The Authority, has now become a barren wasteland. Right in the middle of the Chapter 2 map now lies the ‘Zero Point,’ pulsing with energy.

Epic has also added three new POIs; Hunter’s Haven, Stealthy Stronghold, and the Colossal Coliseum. On top of the new areas, Fortnite fans will also be happy to see Pleasant Park and Tilted Towers ⁠— now called “Salty Towers” ⁠— back on the map.

Fortnite's updated map, with new POIs, and a few returning favorites.
Fortnite’s updated map, with new POIs, and a few returning favorites.

Fortnite blends Salty Springs, Tilted Towers

The iconic Tilted Towers POI ⁠— last seen disappearing under lava from the Volcano in Season 8 ⁠— is back in Season 5, with a salty twist.

Epic has finally brought back the iconic Season 2 point of interest, but blended it with another famous POI, the Salty Springs. This mixed POI is located where Salty has stood in past seasons, just to the left of the ‘Zero Point’ incident.

So far the Salty Towers location has only been revealed in the Fortnite Season 5 battle pass trailer. Epic should officially announce its return soon enough.

Tilted Towers, now blended with Salty Springs, was spotted in the Fortnite Season 5 battle pass trailer.
Tilted Towers, now blended with Salty Springs, was spotted in the Fortnite Season 5 battle pass trailer.

Three new POIs added in Season 5

Stealthy Stronghold

Stealthy Stronghold is a new castle-like structure in the north. It appears to have a huge wall surrounding it.

The Stronghold has been added in the space above Pleasant Park, and to the left of Craggy Cliffs. There was previously no named POI in that area in Season 4.

Hunter’s Haven

Hunter’s Haven is two industrial buildings, built into the side of a hill at the northernmost peak of Fortnite’s Season 5 map. There are interior rooms to find loot, as well as multiple wide platforms for good vantage points down the hills.

The Stronghold has been added in the empty space below the Zero Point. It appears to the left of Lazy Lake, and across the river from Misty Meadows.

"The "Hunters
The “Hunters Haven” POI is hidden in the southern mountains of Fortnite’s changed Season 5 map.

Colossal Coliseum

The last of the three new POIs is Colossal Coliseum, home to Menace, who Jonesy dubs “realities greatest gladiator… who has never been defeated.” It’s styled like a Roman arena, complete with ceremonial statues and viewing stages.

The battlefield within the coliseum also has a number of classical weapons, chariots, and dangerous implements to spice things up. Towering above all, in his rightful place, is Peely, ironed in gold and brandishing a salute to the Fortnite world.

Colossal Colosseum is one of the new main areas that players will find themselves in.
A gigantic new POI is the fantastic Colosseum in the centre of the map.

In terms of confirmed Fortnite map changes for this patch, we’ll continue to update this page with more info as and when it’s made available.

More POIs

Jungle fort in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5
A new Jungle-type POI in Fortnite’s new season.
Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 POI
Fortnite map POI.
Fortnite map POI
Fortnite new map POI

Greasy Grove

Durrr Burger is one of the new POIs in the new Greasy Grove area in the map. Close to Weeping Woods, you can find it at the south-west part of the map.

Durr Burger, a new POI in Fortnite's new season
One of the new POIs in the season is DurrBurger.

Weeping Woods

Weeping Woods also features some changes from last season, with a bunch of new POIs and cabin layout changes.

A burger POI next to a chest in Fortnite's new season.A burger POI next to a chest in Fortnite’s new season.

The cabins of Weeping Woods have also overgone a makeover, with new cabins situated around the location. There’s also a new playground outside of the cabins, with swings and other familiar rides.

Fortnite's Weeping Woods has seen a change, too
Weeping Woods has seen a change, with a playset, swings and new cabins.

Slurpy Swamp

Slurpy Swamp features an overhaul, too. Here, you can pick up quests to partake in, and also stop by the new Flushed Building POI for some chests. Right on the south-west edge of the map, this can be a risky place to drop into.

Flushed Building, a new POI in Slurpy Swamp.
Flushed Building is one of the simpler, smaller POIs in the season.

Make sure to stop by this part of the map as one of the locations to grab new quests from Bandolier, one of the in-world NPCs.

Bandolier, quest-giver in Slurpy Swamp
One of the new quest-givers, Bandolier, is situated in a shack at Slurpy Swamp.

Holly Hedges

Holly Hedges features a new gas station, Viking Village. With a longboat situated on top of it, it’s possibly a reference to the Viking areas in the prior seasons of the game.

Holly Hedges' new POI, a gas station with a Viking longboat.
A brand new POI situated in Holly Hedges.

There’s also a quest giver NPC here, too, so make sure to stop off at this gas station often.

Hunter’s Haven

Hunters Haven Fortnite POI
Hunter’s Haven features some enemy NPCs that you’ll need to fight alongside players.

Butter Barn

In the middle of the map, one of the new POIs you’ll find is Butter Barn, surrounded by slippery quicksand that you’ll sink into and have to break out of if you’re not quick. Mancake is a quest giver here, too, so make sure to stop by.

Butter Barn, a new POI in Chapter 2, Season 5
Butter Barn is right in the middle of the new map – be careful of quicksand!

Stealthy Stronghold

A new, jungle-themed biome that’s surrounded by huge walls, this jungle-themed biome is a great place for a shootout.

Stealthy Stronghold, a new area in the new season
Stealthy Stronghold is a jungle-themed biome.

The Orchard

Ever-popular with fans, The Orchard is back! To the north-east of Colossal Colosseum. This time it featuring Sunflower as a new quest-giver NPC.

The Orchard, returning in Season 5 of Fortnite's Chapter 2
Returning again in Chapter 2, S5, is The Orchard.

Near The Orchard is a small island that’s connected to the mainland by a bridge. In it, alongside a gas station, is a barn with another quest-giving NPC – Farmer Steel.

POI near The Orchard that features a barn and an NPC, Farmer Steel.
The Tomato Temple POI barn is a new area in the season.

Loot on the roof of buildings makes places like barns and hangars a great place to drop in. This one just outside of Colossal Colosseum is one of those places.

A new barn landmark new Colossal Colosseum
A new barn landmark new Colossal Colosseum is a great place to drop in.

Salty Towers

Tilted Towers has been blasted by a covering of sand in the new season after the Galactus event changed everything on the map. A great place to land on rooves to grab some great loot and get some sniper shots, makes sure to drop in here.

Tilted Towers is back as Salty Towers in the new update
Tilted Towers is back with a covering of sand in the new season.


The drive-in POI has undergone a sandy overhaul, with quicksand making it essential to keep moving in this area.

Fortnite Drive In POI is back in Fortnite
The fantastic drive-in POI for Fortnite is a great place to land.

More to follow…

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