Fortnite trolls players to touch grass in leaked quest

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite player touching Grass

Battle Royale game Fortnite is trolling its players to touch grass for an upcoming leaked quest. Fans have now responded to the strange request in the most epic way.

Fortnite has firmly established itself as one of the best free games available, with Battle Royale, LEGO Fortnite, and other game modes having already achieved unprecedented levels of success. With support for multiple platforms, the game attracts players of all ages.

There has been a meteoric rise in the number of active players and devoted followers since the game’s 2017 debut. Whether it’s going to a Travis Scott concert or battling alongside Marvel heroes to rescue reality, players have put in a lot of time to prove they deserve a Victory Royale.

One of the well-known memes depicting a typical Fortnite player advises them to “Touch Grass,” which, in gaming terminology, means to take a break from their screen and enjoy nature outside.

Though it’s a frequent gamer insult, an upcoming leaked quest reveals that Epic is trolling its user base with the meme.

Leaked Fortnite quest requires players to touch grass

According to well-known data miner iFiremonkey, an upcoming Week 6 quest in Chapter 5 Season 1 will require players to “Spend 5 minutes touching grass.” Additional text attached to the quest tells the player, “It’s time to take a break.”

While the mission doesn’t actually require players to touch grass in real life, it does require their character to spend time in the grass biome on the island.

Since some gamers dismissed the leak as a hoax, iFiremonkey included an image of the game’s decrypted files, which reveal a timer that keeps track of how long the player character’s skin touches the grass.

Thus, it would be meaningless for the player to be on one of their structures during combat, regardless of whether that structure touches the grass or not. Once fans saw this peculiar request from Epic, they voiced their opinions on the matter.

One such player said, “One quest I won’t be completing.” Another chimed in, “They exposed some of the player base.” A third user added, “It’s gonna be a walk in the f*****g park.”

As players continue to grind quests to complete their Battle Pass, the latest Winterfest Quests have them engaged with free presents, XP, and more.

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