Watch the full Travis Scott Astronomical concert in Fortnite

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Travis Scott’s first Astronomical concert in Fortnite just wrapped up as players from all over the world tuned in to see the rapper perform in-game. 

Fortnite has become known for some of the biggest events in the gaming industry. From major crossovers with the likes of Star Wars and Avengers, to in-game performances.

The latest event saw popular rapper Travis Scott takeover a stage on the Sweaty Sands island and perform a range of his classic hits. Similar to Marshmello’s concert, the map changed drastically throughout the show.

HYPEX, Twitter
Travis Scott took over this island for his Astronomical concert in Fortnite.

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The first of five in-game concerts kicked off at 7 PM EDT for the Americas region and lasted for roughly 10 minutes.

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Travis Scott arrived in style as the purple light in the sky finally came towards the map. An enormous asteroid full of rollercoasters, Ferris Wheels, and more. As ‘Sicko Mode’ kicked off the performance, a giant model of Travis Scott crashed into the map, launching players back from the island.

Visuals changed dramatically throughout the concert as the sky turned from bright purple to a hellish red, and even forced players underwater at one point.

The in-game concert can be seen from the 6:00 mark in the video below.

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From Goosebumps to Highest in the Room, players were treated to crazy interactions as the rapper went through his setlist. It all came to an end with players flying through space and time, hovering over countless variations of Fortnite’s map as he debuted a new track in-game titled ‘The Scotts.’

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Roughly 10 minutes into the show, all players were dropped back into the Chapter 2 battleground, however, some were noticing one key change. The terrain had tilted sideways. 

Perhaps a visual glitch or perhaps a tease for something coming down the line, there’s no telling just yet. Until the other concerts kick off in various regions, there’s no way to tell if every show will follow the exact same structure, or if the artist will change things up.

YouTube: CouRage
A look at the slanted Fortnite map from CouRage’s perspective.

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While there are still four in-game performances for players all over the world to check out, the Astronomical event also introduced a wide array of new content. From new skins to fresh challenges.

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The Astro Jack skin in particular, has countless players predicting that a major storyline shakeup is on the way. One that could return Fortnite to its original map.