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Fortnite’s new Creative mode gives players private island and custom games in Season 7

Published: 5/Dec/2018 15:16 Updated: 5/Dec/2018 16:23

by Calum Patterson


Fortnite Creative is the newest mode coming with Season 7, and has been officially unveiled by Epic Games following a series of leaks.

The mode will allow players to play custom games, design their own games, edit the map, race around the island and more to “build your dream Fortnite.” 

Available first for Battle Pass owners on December 6, who will have exclusive access for seven days, all players can jump into their own island for free on December 13.

The new creative mode is not so much an extension of battle royale or ‘Save the World’, but is being pushed as its own unique mode and experience.

Epic Games say that just like battle royale and Save the World, Fortnite Creative will receive constant updates and new additions to keep it fresh, with new features and improvements.

Some popular Fortnite creators where given access to the new mode early, and were able to provide more in-depth videos explaining how it all works.

YouTuber Bajan Canadian gives a full breakdown of all the features and the insane amount of things you can get up to on your own private Fortnite Island.

This includes crazy race tracks, parkour courses made out of almost any prop in the game (including toilet seats). A cool addition is the no-clip flying ability, meaning players can simply float around the map.

There are also ‘Prefabs’ which are fully constructed buildings ready for easy placement.

Fortnite’s creative director Donald Mustard took to Twitter following the announcement to emphasize that Creative mode is just the first step to allowing players to build their own Fortnite, which he says is their “ultimate goal”.

Epic Games gave a brief introduction to the new mode in a post on December 5.


It’s a brand new way to experience the world of Fortnite, available on December 6. Design games, race around the island, battle your friends in new ways and build your dream Fortnite. It’s all happening on your own private island where everything you make is saved.

Battle Pass owners will have access to a private island for the first week of Season 7. During this early access week Battle Pass owners can invite their friends to play on their island. Starting December 13, all players will have access to a private island for free.


Fortnite Creative is new and exciting, but not final. We’ll be adding many new features and improvements over the next few updates. Like Battle Royale and Save the World, we’re committed to making this bigger and better over time.


Fortnite leak reveals Slurp Bazooka, Christmas Snowman NPCs coming soon

Published: 23/Oct/2020 3:00

by Brad Norton


A handful of new weapons, items, and even upcoming characters have slipped through the cracks in the latest Fortnite update, revealing what’s on the horizon for the 2020 Christmas event and beyond.

As Fortnite’s spooky Halloween takeover gets underway, players have already spotted signs of what’s to come for the eventual Christmas event in 2020. While the Fortnitemares patch was only just deployed on October 21, a ton of information has already been dug up from the game’s files.

The community is currently battling with Midas but another NPC appears to be on the horizon. Perhaps a more friendly one. Meanwhile, new tools of destruction are on the way along with various other items to keep the game fresh.

Epic’s battle royale has shown no signs of slowing down lately. Here’s what we can expect in the near future thanks to the latest series of leaks.

Fortnite Bandage Bazooka
Epic Games
Could a new weapon similar to the Bandage Bazooka be on the way?

First up, the developers are hard at work on a new form of heavy weapon. Rather than blowing up the opposition with regular rocket launchers, there’s a new ‘Slurp Bazooka’ on the way, according to Fortnite leaker ‘HYPEX.’

No other details were discovered, though we can make a few guesses as to how this weapon might work. Instead of knocking enemies back, it could suck them forward, bringing them off their platforms and into your shotgun range. Given that it has ‘slurp’ in the name, perhaps it even ties in as a healing weapon. Allowing you to shoot health-restoring projectiles at your teammates. Only time will tell how this one turns out.

Next is an unreleased item that may never see the light of day. It appears as though Epic has been toying with the idea of a ‘Fire Extinguisher’ item in Fortnite. This might be tied into a unique limited-time mode where putting out fires is the name of the game. Or perhaps it may even be a random item on the map no different to propane tanks.

Last but not least, an entirely new Non-Playable Character (NPC) is on the way. Most likely tied into the 2020 Christmas event, a new Snowman character is coming soon with all new features.

This NPC will come with its own line of quests, have its own conversations, and even drop you loot. Though it can also explode too… for some reason.

Some of these additions may arrive in the very near future while others like the Snowman, likely won’t appear until the Christmas-themed takeover. 

Be on the lookout over the next few weeks. Future updates could let slip more of what to expect in the big end of year celebration.