Fortnite Season 6 glitch is giving some players unlimited health

Tanner Pierce
Epic Games

While Season 6 of Fortnite has already had its fair share of bugs and glitches, a brand-new issue is allowing players to get unlimited health by completing a few key steps. While it doesn’t completely break the game, it will give whoever uses it a crazy advantage.

Exploits and bugs are nothing new in Fortnite Season 6. Just a few days after the season went live, a player discovered a way to get unlimited gold by completing certain quests. Now, that same player has uncovered a glitch that gives players unlimited health if they play their cards right.

The glitch comes from YouTuber ‘OrangeGuy,’ who has leaked a ton of Fortnite exploits and glitches in the past. According to them, it involves three things: the mushrooms that be found on the ground and in crates, a Port-A-Potty to hide in, and another player in your party.

Epic Games
A new unlimited health glitch in Fortnite involves mushrooms.

Normally, mushrooms heal around 5 health/shields slowly, acting similar to a very small Slurp Juice in the past. This glitch however, essentially causes the mushroom to heal you an unlimited amount. Even if you take damage at max health, the mushroom will continue to heal you.

The glitch itself involves players healing themselves with a mushroom, jumping into a Port-A-Potty and breaking it at the right time. Once you do that, you’ll notice your health slowly creep up until it’s at max health.

It’s unknown what, if anything, can be done to stop you from auto-healing, which means it’s a pretty insane glitch. While you’ll still run the risk of being taken down from a dedicated player with enough ammo, this bug will certainly make it way harder to do.

Because of this – and how quickly Epic has stopped glitches and exploits in the past – it’s honestly only a matter of time before this either gets fixed or one of the items gets removed from the game temporarily. No announcement has been made about any removal, however, as of the time of this writing.