Fortnite Season 3 stats reveal the fastest way to move across the map

Andrew Amos
Cars and Choppa in Fortnite side by side

Season 3 of Fortnite added a bunch of new movement mechanics ⁠— cars, Peppers, and even Loot Sharks. However, how effective are they all? One player broke down the stats, so you don’t get left in the storm when the time comes to rotate.

So you’ve been caught at Steamy, and the zone looks to be down at Misty Meadows. You’ve spent a bit too long looting, and you need a way to escape the storm pronto.

While most people would instantly look for a boat or a Choppa, there are other options for you in Season 3. Whirlpools give you the option of gliding your way down the map. Swimming is an easy way to cut through the swell. Once you hit land though, you’ll have to leg it on foot.

Fortnite players riding in boat
When there’s a ton of water on the map, boats make a ton of sense in Fortnite.

What’s the best way to get out of the storm? Well, one player has broken down the math so you don’t have to.

Fortnite Season 3 movement breakdown

Reddit user ‘SymboleX’ crunched the numbers of just how fast and efficient most modes of transport are in Fortnite. While it’s not a comprehensive list ⁠— Choppa’s are missing, most notably ⁠— it covers all the major ones.

Here are the travel speeds Symbole came up with for specific modes of transport in Fortnite:

  • Running: 333 meters / minute
  • Running with Pepper: 500 meters / minute
  • Swimming: 600 meters / minute
  • Swimming with Pepper: 800 meters / minute
  • Boating: 1200 meters / minute
  • Gliding: 1200 meters / minute

“This can be very useful if you’re contemplating whether or not to keep looting that extra house even if the zone is far away ⁠— 300m is generally around a minute if you hurry, just place a marker on the zone to see the distance,” they said.

This is based on all the movement we know of right now, anyways. Cars will be making their entrance into Fortnite in just a week’s time on July 21, which is bound to provide another efficient way of rotating across the map.

Choppas are also super effective for rotating in a pinch. While they are a bit more rare in Season 3, they are still hotly contested in all formats of the game. Their ability to fly out of most players’ render distances is incredibly strong, no matter their pace.

The most interesting stat to point out is the potency of Peppers. Re-added in Season 3, the foraging item’s tooltip states it increases movement speed by 20% for 60 seconds. However, according to tests by Symbole, that number is closer to 33%.

So, if you need to rotate across the map, there’s no need to panic. There’s plenty of ways to get from A to B in Season 3, it’s just a matter of finding the best way for your situation.