Fortnite confirms flying movement mechanic coming to Chapter 5 Season 2

Josh Taylor
Fortnite player with wings

Fortnite has seemingly confirmed that some form of flying mechanic will be added to Chapter 5 Season 2 with the latest teaser image with the title ‘Don’t fly too close to the sun’.

Fortnite kicked off Chapter 5 with an overhaul of its overall movement mechanics. However, shortly after its release, many players slammed the “janky” movement changes.

Following the widespread community backlash, Epic Games apologized via their socials and implemented various tweaks for a smoother experience. As players got more used to the changes, the player base gradually settled down.

Fortnite Movement
Fortnite changed its movement mechanics majorly at the beginning of Chapter 5.

Now, Epic looks set to be shaking up the movement mechanics once again in Chapter 5 Season 2. Epic’s co-founder, Mark Rein, first sent players into a frenzy after his word for next season was “Wings.” This quickly led the community to speculate some kind of flying movement was being added.

Since then, the main and competitive Fortnite accounts have added fuel to the fire by teasing a brand-new movement type coming via their socials.

Fortnite players believe flying is arriving in Chapter 5 Season 2 

As Fortnite continues to tease the upcoming mythology Gods and Goddesses coming with the new update, they have also referred to the tale of Icarus while also teasing the new flying mechanic.

On March 5, Fortnite Competitive posted to their official Twitter/X account: “You know how you can walk or sprint when competing? Let’s say you’ll be able to do something else…”

Some players speculated that this is related specifically to in-game Ranked benefits. In particular, many questioned: “Do you have 50HP or Shield for killing people now? Think it would be a great idea,” in regards to elimination benefits.

However, most of the speculation in the community spawned off the back of Mark Rein’s comment on “wings”, as players believed this was another teaser towards a “flying” mechanic being added to Chapter 5 Season 2.

One player simply stated: “we are getting those wings,” as another said: “I believe I can fly.” Despite it widely being perceived that flying is coming in some form, Epic Games has not officially confirmed this.

We will be sure to update you if any further teases or official announcements for Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 are given.

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