How to open Fortnite’s loot vaults with a Choppa

Fortnite's loot vault and choppa vehiclesEpic Games

Fortnite players have uncovered an easy trick that can get you inside The Authority’s loot vault early without the need of a keycard.

Loot vaults were introduced by Epic Games at the start of Fortnite’s Chapter 2, and have become a great spot for players to visit when looking for early gear.

Getting into these vaults, which are stacked with quality weapons and items, can often prove to be a challenge, with plenty of opponents also racing to defeat the PvE enemies and make their way inside.

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midas character in fortniteEpic Games
Fortnite players usually have to defeat PvE enemies to get a keycard for the vaults.

Fortnite players have figured out a new way to sneak into the vault, however, allowing you to bypass the hunt for the keycard entirely and get a hold of items early.

YouTuber Glitch King, who is known for finding unique Fortnite tricks, shared that players could get inside the vault by simply using a Choppa, an Upgrade Bench, and the help of a friend.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to get inside the Fortnite vaults.

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How to enter Fortnite’s vaults without a keycard

  1. Find a Choppa and make your way to The Authority POI on the map.
  2. From the southeast corner of the POI, you will need to destroy the second tile from the right and the nearby feature which contains a bush.
  3. You will then need to land the Choppa in front of the broken floor and switch seats.
  4. Once you are sitting on the side of the Choppa, you will need to build walls around it and the broken floor.
  5. Your friend will then have to use the upgrade bench under the Choppa, which should glitch you through the floor and into the vault.

Glitch King revealed that this trick can be used almost anywhere on the map, with similar results, and you can catch your opponents completely off-guard with this devastating tactic.

Another glitch to sneak inside these vaults has previously been discovered, although it seems to have been patched by Epic Games shortly after it was found.

As the previous method was seemingly removed from the game, it is likely that this simple trick will also be fixed, however, it is unclear just when that will happen.

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It is also worth noting that after the glitch has been done, there is no way for players to leave until the vault door is opened by someone else, making it a high-risk, high reward exploit to attempt.

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