Fortnite’s “over-the-top” Ride the Lightning Mythic divides players

Brianna Reeves
fortnite ride the lightning

Fortnite’s Ride the Lightning Mythic added “over-the-top” mobility changes that have already divided the community.

Metallica content hit Fortnite in Update 30.10, and one of the biggest additions inspired by the band is the all-new Ride the Lightning Mythic guitar.

Players can find the guitar in eight different locations around the map. Those lucky enough to grab it will have access to a mobility item that works like the vaulted Wings of Icarus.

On top of letting Fortnite users soar across the Island, the guitar Mythic can damage nearby enemies when players slam into the ground from above.

Footage of Ride the Lightning in action has gone viral on Twitter/X (via HYPEX) and Reddit. And players have mixed opinions about how it’ll impact Season 4’s divisive mobility mechanics.

In response to a Reddit post questioning whether Ride the Lightning is Fortnite’s “best new mobility,” several users argued combat is sure to become even more frustrating.

“This game is obsessed with adding the most over-the-top mobility,” one person commented in the thread.

Another person had harsher words for the new addition, writing, “This is gonna get old after a day, looks obnoxious as f**k. How do you even shoot it???”

Others compared it to the frustrations introduced by Airbending in Season 3. Said one Redditor, “Man we thought airbending died but apparently it had 1hp at the end of the battle and had enough exp to f***ing evolve.”

Not every Fortnite player thinks the worst of Ride the Lightning, though. Responses on Reddit and in HYPEX’s comments also featured a fair bit of positivity. Mostly, fans think the guitar Mythic looks cool.

“Bro what is this? This is the best mythic ever,” wrote one Twitter/X user.

Another person commented, “I love when Fortnite gets creative with Mythics.”

This could significantly alter final circles near the end of a match. After all, Mythic cars and the Nitro Fists have already turned the last few moments of matches into pure chaos. It’ll be interesting to see if Epic nerfs this new addition over time, though.

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