How to get Ride the Lightning guitar Mythic in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

John Esposito
Fortnite Metallica Mythic

Fortnite’s 30.10 update sees Metallica join the game, as well as the Ride the Lighting guitar hitting the Battle Royale. Here’s everything you need to know about the in-game item.

Metallica is headlining Fortnite Festival’s Season 4 update, which arrives June 13, bringing a ton of goodies inspired by the band like skins, auras, and more. However, the group’s reach extends outside of Festival, as a new Mythic item joins Battle Royale.

This item is called the Ride the Lightning guitar, and it functions literally as the name implies. With that said, let’s get you up to speed on the Mythic’s debut.

How to get Metallica’s Ride the Lighting guitar in Fortnite

To get the Ride the Lightning guitar, you can find it at 8 Ride the Lightning guitar stand locations, the Metallica Loot Island, as ground loot, or in Chests. Of course, you can also find it from fallen enemy players, but you’d have to survive long enough to do that.

All Ride the Lightning Mythic guitar locations in Chapter 5 Season 3.
There are 8 Ride the Lightning guitar stand locations across the map.

The 8 guitar stands are dotted all around the map at or near 8 different POI locations across the Chapter 5 Season 3 island, as shown above.. These all have the Ride the Lightning Mythic guitar placed on them, which you can just walk over to and pick up as you would any other loot.

Here are all 8 Ride the Lightning guitar stand locations in Chapter 5 Season 3:

  1. Inside Lavish Lair.
  2. On top of the stage at Restored Reels.
  3. In front of the water fountain at Reckless Railways.
  4. Towards the back side of the Grand Glacier hotel.
  5. At the northside of the Nitrodome arena.
  6. At the Scrying Pool at Mount Olympus.
  7. North of Redline Rig at the Cliffside Lodge.
  8. At the front entrance of Brutal Beachhead.

During the middle of the match, Metallica Loot Island will also spawn in, similarly to how the Loot Island works. This heavy metal version of the Loot Island will reward you with with a heap of loot once captured and will include the Ride the Lightning guitar.

Ride the Lightning guitar ability explained

Ride the Lighting isn’t your average Mythic, as it will function nearly identical to the Wings of Icarus item that debuted in Chapter 5 Season 2.

Epic Games describes the item as such: “Use one to create a lightning arc in the sky that your squadmates can ride. On your descent, come crashing down to bring the beginning of an enemy’s end.” Players can use the item to traverse across the map, as well as slam to the ground in a burst of lighting.

Ride the Lightning isn’t the only addition coming alongside Metallica, so be sure to check out update 30.10’s patch notes for more information. Metallica will also put on a live event, and we’ve broken down how to watch it.