Fortnite PS5 issues give “massive disadvantage” compared to PC

Josh Taylor
Fortnite PS5 vs PC comparison.

Fortnite players on consoles have had enough of the rendering, FPS, and lighting issues found on PS5 compared to PC players, who they believe have a competitive advantage.

The differences between console and PC players have often been a hot topic in the Fortnite community as it always has been with any competitive game. Cross-platform servers have long been in the Battle Royale and tweaked since they were first released to make it fair and balanced, but players aren’t convinced.

Fortnite player Forward_Number293 kicked off the discussion: “It is extremely difficult to spot enemies on PS5.”

They explained: “I absolutely beamed a PC player… I cracked his shield + hit him for 30ish white health and shockwaved halfway up the grassy hill to finish him off. Out of nowhere, bullets start coming through the grass and he melts me while I’m at full health and overshield. I couldn’t see him at all, but there was no tall grass on his screen, so I died.”

“The foggy woods by Rebels Roost is another part of the map where console players are at a massive disadvantage. I watch PC streams and it is totally unfair how easily they can see people that console players just can’t.”

Various players chimed in with similar experiences. “I’m a PC player who recently started playing on PS5 and it really is almost a different game. I didn’t realize how dark some areas could get with all the pretty lighting effects forced on,” one said.

A player responded: “Yep I went from PC to PS5 cause my PC broke down and my skill level got cut in half once on controller.” Another added: “To see what many PC players see as opposed to what I see is so frustrating. Opponents just stand out on PC with low settings. It’s ridiculous.”

Various PC players agreed with the claimed competitive advantages and echoed the view: “Ya… I kinda hate Fortnite for that. I’m a PC player, but I play with all my graphics turned all the way up. I know if I wanted to take my competitiveness to the next level, I’d have to turn the graphics down.”

Others highlighted further issues that give PC players a claimed advantage in cross-platform matches. These included PC players having better FPS, spawning more cheaters, advanced settings options, higher performance hardware, and much more.

In regards to the “tall grass” not rendering on PS5 in the OP’s post, console players are unable to change their Max View Distance. However, PC players can increase this in their settings to avoid not seeing small objects on the Island, such as trees, bushes, and grass.

Despite the obvious option Fortnite players have to turn off cross-play in the settings, they agreed that this either considerably increases the wait time or “literally will just tell you it can’t find a match.”