Fortnite players want OG graphics back after “bland and boring” Chapter 5

Daniel Appleford
Fortnite Crew Ares skin teaser

Fortnite players are disappointed by Epic Games’ decision to downgrade the graphics and lighting quality in Chapter 5.

Fortnite made many changes when starting Chapter 5, including introducing weapon mods, movement mechanics, and a new engine powering it all.

After moving to Unreal Engine 5, the game received major quality changes, which weren’t necessarily for the best. Players quickly took issue with the newly reworked movement mechanics. Now that Chapter 5 is well underway, players have started to miss how the game used to be.

One of the most noticeable changes made to Fortnite was the lighting and graphics effects. A user of Reddit posted pictures of what the game used to look like from Chapter 4. 

Chapter 4 was much brighter and more vibrant than Chapter 5, which has some players comparing the look we have now to something from a Call of Duty game.

Some players felt that the current Chapter was “more serious” than previous editions, which sucked the life out of what the game was really about in their eyes. 

“Chapter 4 honestly is the most beautiful combination of lighting and map design. It just fit together so well to create a detailed but still cartoony look.” explained one Redditor.

But not everyone had negative things to say about the changes made to Fortnite’s new graphics change. 

While Chapter 4 paid more attention to color and lighting, some players still enjoy the look of Chapter 5 due to upgrades to its lighting and rendering systems. This may be a case of Chapter 4’s art direction being preferred over Chapter 5’s raw graphical horsepower. 

“Chapter 4 looked WAY better than Chapter 5. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the look of Chapter 5, but the way Chapter 4 looked was absolute perfection in my eyes.” said the top comment underneath the post. 

Epic Games recently revealed that they would be switching to UEFN, Unreal Engine with customizations to support Fortnite content creation, for Chapter 6. With the hope that UEFN will become the basis of all Fortnite content, including creative islands, alternative game modes, and more. 

An entire Chapter has not yet been built on UEFN, meaning there could still be hope for the return of the once vibrant and stunning Fortnite graphics. But only time will tell if the game will return to its beloved style.

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