Fortnite players think new ‘meteor’ could hint at return to original map

Epic Games

New in-game teases have Fortnite players thinking that Travis Scott’s Astronomical event could take us back in time to the original battle royale map.

Fortnite’s in-game events are always unique spectacles that bring the entire community together. Whether its a huge collaboration with Star Wars or a world-ending black hole, Epic always seems to be planning the next big thing.

Travis Scott’s series of in-game performances are up next as the rapper gets set to jump on stage starting April 23. However, a few subtle teases surrounding the new event have players confident that the game might return to its roots.

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Epic Games
The new Astro Jack skin could also be hinting at a major Fortnite development.

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Since the beginning of Chapter 2, Fortnite players have been treated to a brand new map referred to as ‘Apollo.’ This map replaced ‘Athena’ from the first Chapter as the original battleground was sucked into a black hole.

Eagle-eyed players recently spotted a fascinating tease on the new Astro Jack skin that appears to hint at the old Fortnite map. Since then, another in-game teaser seems to have cropped up too, sending the community into a tizzy.

Streaming a casual Fortnite session on April 22, popular YouTuber ‘CronicGamerZ’ appeared to spot a meteor in the distance. “What was that damn thing?” the streamer asked, seemingly unsure what just happened.

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A flicker of bright blue light appeared to crash at the very top of the player’s screen for just a brief moment. It travelled down for a few seconds before phasing back out once again.

While this may purely be an indication Travis Scott’s event is close – as the purple Astroworld looms overhead – it could also tie back in with Astro Jack theories.

Many avid Fortnite players are of the mindset another major shakeup that returns fans to the original map could be in store. This flicker of light could be hinting at another event like ‘The End,’ which destroyed the game’s original battlefield.

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Perhaps Travis Scott’s interdimensional travel is what brings the old landscape back with a bang. “I’m thinking it’s the meteor showers that happened back in season 3, which could suggest that the old map is on the other side of the islands like on the Astro jack skin,” Reddit user ‘RaiD_Nightz‘ explained.

Epic Games
A closer look at the potential in-game teaser.

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We’ll all just have to wait and see how things play out as the world-renowned rapper takes to the virtual stage on April 23. 

In the meantime, here are five things we can absolutely guarantee about the upcoming Astronomical event.