Fortnite 12.41 Update – Astronomical event, bug fixes, more

Epic Games

Epic Games have released another new update for their popular battle royale title Fortnite, with the 12.41 patch now live on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

From a massive Fortnite x Travis Scott crossover event to an impending ‘Infected’ LTM, and a host of new weapons coming, there’s plenty to look forward to in the battle royale in the next few weeks, with Epic Games confirming that they will be continuing to add new content throughout the remaining weeks of the now extended Chapter 2, Season 2.

As always though, a number of bugs have appeared inside the game during the past week, and Epic Games have moved quickly to fix them as they prepare for a musical event unlike anything we’ve seen in Fortnite before thanks to Travis Scott.

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Trav is Scott’s Astronomical event

Patch 12.41 may not be the biggest gamechanger, but there’s still plenty arriving in the April 21 update. First and foremost, there’s another crossover on the horizon for Epic’s title in the form of Travis Scott’s in-game track debut.

Fortnite will combine with Cactus Jack in the Astronomical event, which is expected to be an “other-worldly experience” built from the ground up in-game. Unlike the similar Marshmello event, it will also have five showings.

This mega-event will also boast a special skin depicting the Grammy-nominated rapper in the latest addition to the prestige Icon Series. Event-related rewards during the five shows between April 23-25 have also been confirmed.

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New “Arsenic” Limited-Time Mode

The mega-popular game mode which transcends titles, often dubbed ‘Infection’ by devs and players, looks like it’s finally arriving in the Fortnite v12.41 patch. Inspired by classic Halo and Call of Duty playlists, it’s sure to be a fan favorite.

Fortnite data miner FortTory has already revealed the new “Arsenic” playlist has been added to the game files. It also features new abilities not seen before in Fortnite, like “Growl,” which could be for zombies, and “Double Jump.”

It is expected the new LTM will see infected players with unlimited lives and unique abilities ⁠— like the ones listed above ⁠— hunt down survivors. In these kinds of playlists, survivors are often armed with guns, while infected use melee attacks. While it has not been made active as of yet, players can expect to see it in the near future.

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Fortnite's battle royale mode could finally be getting a zombie-vs-survivor mode this patch.Epic Games
Fortnite’s battle royale mode could finally be getting a zombie-vs-survivor mode this patch.

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Bug fixes

As per usual, the Fortnite team have also added a number of bugs and issues to their official Trello board, with the developers confirming which issues have been solved by the 12.41 patch.


  • Midas’ Golden Touch appearing in low resolution on weapon Wraps.
  • UI disappears if cancelling Ready Up while spectating.
  • Double-clicking item in the Chest tab may cause the game to crash.
  • Loading into “My Island” in Creative mode may cause Fortnite to freeze.