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Fortnite players divided after Coral Castle abduction map changes

Published: 24/Aug/2021 21:35

by David Purcell


Fortnite’s Coral Castle has been quite a divisive location in the past, but the game’s latest map changes have tipped some players over the edge. 

Map changes are one of Epic Games’ specialties when it comes to their flagship battle royale title. Love them or hate them, more often than not, the map doesn’t look the same for longer than a season in their game.

Over the years, there have been popular POIs destroyed by various different events on the famous Fortnite island, and massive crossovers to completely redefine its multiplayer experience.

In the latest patch, though, players noticed that Coral Castle had been changed – and it’s split players right down the middle.


Coral Castle fortnite
Epic Games
Coral Castle used to look like this in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Has Fortnite patch 17.40 ruined Coral Castle?

On August 24, Reddit user Rifted-06 gained some traction in the Fortnite community, suggesting Coral is now “even worse than it was before it was abducted.”

The location was subject to an alien invasion in recent times, which caused its battlegrounds to look very different afterward.

It was previously surrounded by a lot of water, but after the Mothership came and abducted it, it’s never been the same since. In the latest update, patch 17.40, a lot of its water and loot was removed.

They ended up making Coral even worse than it was before it was abducted. from FortNiteBR

Fans divided

In terms of the community being divided, it’s a funny old debate. Some players have been wanting the POI to be removed for a while, and couldn’t care less about what’s been left behind after this abduction.


One user posted: “Good, more reason to completely avoid it.” Another said: “I prefer it just being erased from existence.”

With so many alien overlords watching over the island, though, another player has made a bold prediction about how this could all be for the better. They said: “I’m betting that there are new POIs that are going into these places next season. I might be wrong though.”

So while the location has proved to be something of a lightning rod in the game’s community, with many wanting it to be improved and sections calling for it’s removal, it remains to be seen as to what Epic Games will decide. It’s an uncertain future for Coral Castle.