Fortnite players “disgusted” at Epic Games for major Chapter 2 oversight

Epic Games - Fortnite

After the Fortnite, Chapter 2 has arrived in the Epic Games battle royale title and certain fans could not be more upset.

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The introduction of the hotly anticipated Chapter 2 in Fortnite has seen the implementation of an entirely new map, fresh challenges, unique cosmetics, and even a wide array of new mechanics.

With the Battle Royale mode having been the center of attention throughout the latest update, fans of the original Save The World mode have been quick to voice their frustration.

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Initially released in July of 2017 as a cooperative, open-world tower defense video game, Fortnite quickly pivoted and added the popular Battle Royale mode that we all know today. 

Fans of the original Save The World mode however, feel as though they have been massively neglected by Epic Games in the most recent content drop.

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While the Battle Royale mode has seen a major overhaul and an abundance of new content, Save The World mode has been kept largely the same for the time being. 

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A new Epic Games blog post laid out the road ahead for the cooperative mode, however nothing of real significance has been included in the first week. Outside of AFK players being removed much quicker, the only new content this week is cosmetic. 

“Anyone else just tired of being second class players with this game?” Reddit user ‘gokublackisnotblack’ asserted in light of the recent announcement. “Compare what BR got to us, it’s just sad at this point. I realize that [Battle Royale] is their cash cow, but we paid money too and we don’t even get a 10th of the cool stuff they get.”

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The lack of fresh content at the launch of Chapter 2, as well as in the future roadmap, has Save The World players riled up. 

“We have had a lot of reasons to complain over these last months, but this crosses the line,” Reddit user ‘MAHBOY_98’ explained. “We haven’t been able to play for almost 48 hours, for what? [Battle Royale] got a lot of improvements and new features and we get f*cking nothing.”

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Chapter 2 of Fortnite kicked off on October 15 after a period of speculation as to what would come next. 

Battle Royale fans have been treated to a heaping serve of improvements and new content, yet Save The World players have been met with disappointment. The first new questline of Chapter 2 will be made available next week, however it might be too little too late.