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Dynamite disabled in Fortnite after less than an hour – November 20 [UPDATED]

Published: 20/Nov/2018 14:08 Updated: 21/Nov/2018 1:17

by Ross Deason


UPDATE (8:15pm EST – November 20, 2018)

After being disabled shortly after the v6.30 update dropped, Dynamite has been re-enabled in Fortnite Battle Royale. 

In a short post on the Fortnite subreddit, Epic announced the news while also detailing adjustments made to the Mounted Turret. 

The latest addition to Fortnite Battle Royale, Dynamite, has been disabled less than an hour after it went live on November 20.

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The new item, which is found in sticks of three and deals 70 to damage to players and 800 to structures after a five-second fuse time, was added to the game as part of the v6.30 Content Update on Tuesday, November 20, but it wasn’t around for long.

The developers took to Twitter a short while after the new explosive item was added to the game, saying that they had been forced to disable it for the time being due to game crashes.


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“We’ve temporarily disabled Dynamite while we investigate an increase in client crashes. We’ll update you once we have more information,” they explained.

The good news from that statement is that the issue seems to be related to server/game performance rather than the item being inherently broken.

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Players that were looking forward to trying out the new item will be disappointed to hear that it’s already been removed, but it seems unlikely that it will be gone for long.

While the developers are not currently able to provide a time frame for fixing it, they make a habit of working quickly and rectifying issues in no time.


Dynamite’s fuse timer could make it a strategic advantage for players.

We’ll update you with the status of the Dynamite as soon as we hear more…

While you’re waiting to get your hands on the Dynamite, you can check out the item’s details from the patch notes below:

New Weapon: Dynamite

  • Uncommon rarity, found in stacks of 3.
  • Available from floor loot, chests, Vending Machines, Supply Llamas, and Supply Drops.
  • 70 damage to players and 800 damage to structures.
  • Explosion is in the shape of a flat cylinder
    • 1600 units in diameter and 384 units in height.
  • Initiating a throw will start a 5-second fuse that can’t be canceled.
  • Throw range is shorter than standard Grenades.