Fortnite players convinced devs have abandoned the game’s lore

Michelle Cornelia
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Some players couldn’t help but point out that Fortnite’s lore feels like it has been lacking since a certain chapter.

For some players, a part of what makes Fortnite interesting is getting invested in the game’s lore. Spanning from the OG days, the game featured iconic characters such as OG Midas and Paradigm, which now have become one of the highly requested skins to return as they’re a part of the lore.

Fast forward to the current chapter; the lore now revolves around Peely, who has been kidnapped by the Society. 

However, despite the current chapter having new characters joining the game and getting involved, some players couldn’t help but feel like the game’s lore is starting to feel repetitive.

One user pointed out in a Reddit thread that since Chapter 4, the game’s lore has been following a similar pattern. It starts with the villain being revealed and doing nothing wrong, and then either Jonesy or a “niche NPC” comes to defeat the villain with a “hidden dialogue.”

Then, the villain disappears into thin air along with the niche hero. Ultimately, there’s a “big explosion” and “Jonesy survives.” Some players agreed with the OP in the comments, claiming they felt the same way, while others argued that the lore is unimportant.

One person is certain that this is the case, explaining that “The ‘lore’ of the current season is: Peely is kidnapped offscreen. Peely is rescued offscreen. Text: ‘We did it! We rescued Peely! Thanks!'”

Another user couldn’t help but poke fun at OP’s take by writing, “Peely got kidnapped -> TMNT showed up and destroyed some banners -> Peely got rescued. Wdym? Perfect lore.” 

Fortnite Agent Peely

Meanwhile, some players were convinced that it was due to Epic not “feeling like paying voice actors or writers.” Aside from that, some argue that the game’s lore is unnecessary.

“Lmao ‘lore’. It’s a BR. Just enjoy the gameplay, and you don’t gotta worry about lore. It’s totally OK to be a lore nerd in games and movies and stuff, but I really just don’t think that’s one of their (Epic) top priorities,” they said.

“To me, it never had one; I play the game because I like it,” one chimed in.

Some players are hopeful that given the next season is fast approaching, there will be “some actual lore” soon.

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