Fortnite players call for “underrated” game mode to return

Michelle Cornelia
Fortnite OG player

Fortnite players claim they miss this “underrated” limited-time game mode, begging to have it brought back to the game.

While Fortnite is mostly known for its Battle Royale and Zero Build mode, the game does offer players the experience to try out new limited-time modes once in a while. Steady Storm, Infinity Gauntlet, and Sniper Shootout are some of the most popular ones players seem to love.

However, out of all LTMs, there’s one mode that received a lot of hype in the past, only to have it removed after a while. That LTM is none other than Impostor, a game mode inspired by Among Us.

As the name suggests, this mode pits innocent players against “impostors” whose goal is to sabotage their work while secretly eliminating them.

Now that the mode has been gone for over a year, players have admitted to missing it and are begging for it to be brought back.

“Do you guys miss the impostors game mode?” asked a player in a Reddit thread. They explained that given that Chapter 5 has added new game modes like LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Festival, this would be a good time to bring the “underrated” mode back before asking others their opinion of the mode making a return.

Many players in the comments agreed with the OP, suggesting that it should be brought back to Fortnite. Some players even said they regretted taking the mode “for granted” while it was still available.

Fortnite AI bot using default skin.

A user mentioned that this should return as it was “so much fun to play.” They wrote, “I remember back when that was out, me and my friends and I would play that game all the time, and it was so fun to see who was Impostor and to hide/run from Impostor.” 

Some players agreed solely because it was one of the best and easiest ways to level up the Battle Pass. Meanwhile, another user pointed out that while they agreed the mode was a “fun change,” they mentioned that “dumb people” were the problem.

Though players are aware that a similar mode can be played in Creative, one user argued that “it’s just not the same,” given the limitations of Fortnite Creative.

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