Fortnite player worried about future LTMs due to Ship It Express “embarrassment”

Brianna Reeves
fortnite ship it express

A Fortnite player is worried that future limited-time modes may be in trouble, calling Ship It Express an “embarrassment.”

Every so often, Epic Games unleashes a new limited-time mode for Fortnite. The most recent of such modes is Ship It Express, a holiday-themed Zero Build LTM that puts users into four-player squads.

Not unlike battle royale, the main objective is to survive until the end of the match. However, the twists come by way of mode-specific quests. One quest may task players with visiting a Ship It Express location, whereas another will require them to investigate stolen present stashes.

While the mode provides plenty of fun, some worry that its lingering issues will set a bad precedent going forward.

Fortnite fans label Ship It Express LTM an “embarrassment”

In a Reddit post, one user slammed Epic Games for the poor state of Ship It Express. The player’s main problem with the mode is that some players snuck in guns and ruined the experience.

Since only 6,000 people or so are playing the mode, the original poster fears “Epic will use this as an excuse to never [do] LTMs again because this one ‘performed poorly,’ even though they sabotaged it through sheer incompetence…”

fortnite ship it express

Many other Redditors seemed to agree that Fortnite developers dropped the ball with Ship It Express. One user chimed in with, “This was the first normal BR LTM that isn’t Horde Rush that we’ve gotten since Chapter 3 Season 1 and they butchered it.”

Meanwhile, others were surprised to learn that a new LTM had hit Fortnite at all. “They also need to make it more obvious that there was an ltm because I didn’t realize for the first few days because it’s buried under creative sh**,” wrote a confused fan.

It’s worth noting that Epic Games employees have been enjoying their holiday break of late. As such, whatever problems plagued Ship It Express wouldn’t have constituted a top priority during the studio’s downtime.

Ship It Express and the Winterfest 2023 event in which it’s included ends on January 2 at 9:00 AM ET.

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