Fortnite players are using the new scarecrow skins to trick their opponents in hilarious fashion

Ross Deason

One of the greatest things about Fortnite Battle Royale is just how creative you can be with the way you play the game and pick up kills, as a number of community members have proven with the new scarecrow skins.

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I would appear that those new skins, which were added to the game as part of the ongoing Halloween theme, are far more convincing than they originally appear. Especially when used in conjunction with the new T-Pose emote.

In fact, they’re so convincing that players are employing a new strategy that sees them fool their opponents into thinking that they are genuine scarecrows dotted around the map.

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In a post on Reddit titled ‘Don’t mind me… just your average scarecrow Halloween decoration’, ‘ImMarksman’ showed himself using the Straw Ops skin and T-Pose emote while players ran past him for 20 seconds.

Eventually he breaks character, pulls out his weapon, and kills two players before they even know what hit them!

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He’s not the only one, though, as ‘ANattyLight’ found similar success using the Hay Man outfit in fatal fields and tricking an opposing player into thinking he was a genuine scarecrow watching over the crops:

The strange new strategy is, of course, going down a storm with members of the Fortnite community, with one Redditor saying: “The entire shop today was made just for this video to be a thing.”

The developers are bound to find it hilarious that the new cosmetic items are being used in such a way, but we’re not entirely sure how we feel about being as easy to trick as the average crow…