New Fortnite concept weapon would damage opponents over time

Matt Porter

A concept weapon designed by an avid Fortnite fan would deal damage to opponents over a period of time, rather than immediately.

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The weapon is named the ‘Dart Gun’ and, instead of firing bullets or explosives, would fire a dart at unsuspecting enemies. The dart would then begin to deal damage to the opponent over a specified period of time, instead of inflicting its full damage immediately upon impact.

Because the weapon deals damage over time like Fortnite’s storm, the creator of the concept has also suggested calling it the ‘Storm Gun’ to mirror the dangerous climate.

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This weapon could be used to attack enemies who haven’t spotted you, dealing damage to them without the need to fire your weapon again.

It could also be used to finish off weak or downed opponents without requiring you to advance on their position, by shooting them once and letting the dart’s powers finish them off.

The concept was designed and posted on the Fortnite Battle Royale subeddit by a user named ‘gone_fantastic’. Fans of the popular battle royale game commented that they would like to see it introduced to the game.

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Fortnite players are constantly creating new and exciting additions that they would like to see included in Fortnite Battle Royale. Recently, a fan created an awesome new concept skin based on Marvel’s Iceman character, while another player designed a new storm concept that would improve competitive matches of Fortnite.

Unfortunately, the interesting Dart Gun is just a concept created by a fan, and there are currently no plans for the weapon to be added to the franchise by Epic Games.