Fortnite players outraged over not receiving PS4 in-game purchases [UPDATED]

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December 2 5:36pm PST update: Epic Games has resolved the issue with the PlayStation 4 in-game shop. If players made a purchase during the downtime, they should restart their client and their items will be available.

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Fortnite Battle Royale players have expressed their anger over in-game purchases on PlayStation 4, with many players noting that they are not receiving anything they buy in the Item Shop.

PS4 Fortnite players are outraged over the Fortnite in-game shop taking their V-Bucks without giving them the items they paid for.

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The issue is impacting all players across all regions who play on the PlayStation 4 console, with Epic currently working on a fix for the issue.

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Players started reporting the issue early on November 2. With people looking to take advantage of daily deals in the Fortnite shop, some players were noting that purchases were not showing up in their account.

“I was about to buy the Globe Shaker skin, but it [left] the item shop,” said Reddit user ‘fortnitefan-account’.

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Players have lost anywhere from 10 dollars to hundreds worth of in-game currency to the issue, with PS4 users yet to see any bang for their buck.

It’s also impacting the direct purchase of V-Bucks from the shop, with players noting that they are not able to buy any in-game currency as well as items.

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Usually there’s some form of recourse available for players impacted by the issue. Epic Games could choose to refund all purchases, giving people back their precious V-Bucks. 

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Alternatively, Epic Games might look to compensate players for the issue by giving them free V-Bucks in return, while still being able to keep the skins they were looking for.

Reddit: OhMyPulseIf you are a PS4 Fortnite user, avoid using the in-game shop until further notice.

Epic Games are aware of the issue, tweeting out on November 2 that they are investigating an issue preventing players from redeeming purchases on the platform. They also clarified that it’s only affecting PS4 users, so Xbox, PC, and Mobile users shouldn’t be impacted.

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PS4 Fortnite players have also been urged to not use the in-game shop until the issue is fixed, otherwise they might lose their in-game currency. 

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