Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 update: Release date, rumors, more

Published: 12/Feb/2020 15:18 Updated: 12/Feb/2020 15:40

by Albert Petrosyan


Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 is just weeks away, with the game’s next major update scheduled to go live on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices in late February.

After 10 seasons, Epic Games completely revamped the popular battle royale title’s map and unveiled Chapter 2, a new dawn for a game that has revolutionized the space and became a pop culture phenomenon.

Taking out tons of weapons, vehicles, and tools that players had gotten used too, Chapter 2 was a return to a stripped-down version of the title first seen in the early seasons in 2018, and while players enjoyed this return to a more simplistic version of the game, Season 1 has now lasted longer than any that came before it, and many are anxious for the new season to inject some new life into the franchise.

Battle Bus headed towards Fortnite island
Epic Games
Epic Games introduced a new island to kick off Chapter 2.

When does Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1 end?

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1 is officially the longest ever, with Epic Games confirming that it will have lasted for a staggering four months by the time it comes to its conclusion on Thursday, February 20, 2020.

Fans of the game are used to delays at the end of 10-week seasons, with the developers often utilizing a week or two of Overtime challenges to draw proceedings to a close, giving players a final chance to earn new rewards from their Battle Pass while they finish work on the major update that launches at the start of every new season.

The expected 10 weeks would have taken the game into the festive season, so it was no surprise that Epic Games decided to extend Chapter 2, Season 1 into the new year. Few could have expected that another two months would pass before Season 2 officially kicked off though, with many players, and streamers like Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, begging for a new update after feeling that the game has grown stale due to the length of the current season.

Fortnite characters driving a speed boat.
Epic Games
Many players feel the game has grown stale due to the length of Season 1.

When does Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 2 start?

While Epic Games confirmed that Season 1 ends on February 20, the developers didn’t go as far as giving us an official start date for Season 2, although we now have a rough idea as to when we can expect it.

It seems likely that Season 2 will start as soon as the first one ends, meaning we will likely get a major update on February 20. This would line up with previous seasons, where major updates have released on a Thursday, although usually the previous chapter has ended on the Tuesday prior.

Of course, the developers have made players wait for days in the past before, with Season X ending on a Sunday, leaving players staring at a black hole for two entire days before rebooting with Chapter 2, much to the delight of fans.

Fortnite players firing weapons at opponents.
Epic Games
Fortnite’s Season 2 is expected to kick off on February 20.

What will be added in Fortnite, Chapter 2, Season 2?

So Far, Epic Games have remained tight-lipped about what players can expect when the action kicks off on February 20, but they have teased that they have some major secrets lined up for the new season, but just can’t tell fans about them yet.

As always, players will also be able to purchase a brand-new Battle Pass stuffed full of new cosmetics and emotes, and new Missions to help fans of the game get to grips with the changes made.

One of the biggest changes expected to affect Season 2 has already happened, with Epic Games switching physics systems for the first time since the popular battle royale game launched. In the 11.50 Update released on February 5, the developers switched to the Chaos physics system, and while many expected this to cause major issues and perhaps change the game entirely, it ended up being a smooth transition, with little to no changes to how the title is played.

Fortnite characters fishing
Epic Games
Fortnite is moving to a new physics engine which could change how the game feels forever.

What’s happening in the final weeks of Chapter 2, Season 1?

With just a few weeks left, Epic Games have made sure that players have plenty of things to keep themselves occupied with until the new season launches.

Introduced with the 11.50 Update, Fortnite is currently in the middle of the Love and War event, which introduced a brand-new set of challenges for players to take on, along with some awesome free rewards including cosmetic items for those who grind their way through them and complete the tasks set out by the developers.

On top of that, Epic Games also added a new mode for players to sink their teeth into, with those familiar with Call of Duty able to play Search and Destroy in the game for the first time. Players earn gold which they can spend on weapons and materials, which each map featuring two bomb sites. Attacking teams must make it to a site, plant the bomb and stop the defending team from defusing, while defense sees them trying to stop those with the explosives at all costs.

Players can also get their hands on a special Harley Quinn skin to celebrate the release of DC’s latest movie Birds of Prey from the in-game store, with new challenges available to unlock the character’s look from Suicide Squad.


How to defeat The Mandalorian in Fortnite Season 5: Mythic Item locations

Published: 2/Dec/2020 12:53

by David Purcell


The Mandalorian has burst onto the scene in Fortnite Season 5 with brand new Mythic Items – a Star Wars inspired jetpack and weapon – leaving players wondering how to get ahold of them in-game. 

In previous seasons, these Mythic weapons and items have been guarded by fierce non-playable characters known as bosses. These are much harder to take down than the average player in Epic Games‘ battle royale title and often have henchman by their side to protect the valuable loot they hold.

Luckily for you, in Season 5 it’s not as difficult as times gone by – because there’s not as many of them to tackle. In fact, getting ahold of The Mandalorian Mythic set is pretty easy if you know where to look. All you have to do is be the person that takes him down.

That’s what we’re going to help with.

Fortnite POI
Epic Games
New landing spots have appeared all over the Fortnite island, but where’s the Mythic Items?

Fortnite Season 5 Mythic weapon and item location

First of all, you’re going to have to know where to go.

The Mandalorian can be seen patrolling around one area of the map in Fortnite Season 5, and it’s just south of Colossal Coliseum, as seen in the map below. There, you will find not only the character but also his parked up ship.

At this location, he will be carrying both a Mythic weapon and jetpack. These can be obtained by taking him out, just like a bounty hunter.

Mandalorian location fortnite season 5
Epic Games
Here’s where to find The Mandalorian in Fortnite Season 5.

How to get The Mandalorian’s Jetpack & Amban Sniper Rifle (Mythic)

Now you know where he is, it’s all about eliminating him as fast as possible.

Here’s the best way to defeat him:

  1. Drop from the Battle Bus at The Mandalorian’s ship, located between Colossal Coliseum and Lazy Lake.
  2. Land with a good distance between yourself and the ship.
  3. Pick up a weapon nearby.
  4. Reach high ground, which is actually a slope of sand near the ship.
  5. Use cover to protect yourself from his shots, or build, and by peeking out with your weapon keep firing at him.
  6. Collect the Mandalorian Mythic Items (Amban Sniper Rifle & The Mandalorian’s Jetpack) from the downed character.
  7. Head over to the ship and open the Razor Chest.
The Mandalorian jetpack and amban sniper rifle
Epic Games
Here’s the loot you will find after taking him down.

Do have in mind that this is the only known boss on the Fortnite Season 5 map, with others expected to join him, so it’s bound to be a popular landing spot. Not just that, but let’s face it, it is nice to just stop by to see a bit of a Star Wars crossover as well.

So, there you have it! That’s the quickest and safest way you’re going to be able to get ahold of that elusive Razor Chest in Fortnite Season 5.