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Fortnite leaker reveals three insane unreleased weapons

Published: 28/Dec/2020 13:51

by Alex Garton


Not every weapon designed by Epic Games makes it into Fortnite. Some are left by the wayside or kept by developers for a future release. Well, a Fortnite leaker has revealed three unreleased weapons and it’s fair to say they have some crazy themes.

Fortnite Season 5 arrived in early December and with it came a new bounty hunter system, weapon changes, and new areas on the map. The new Season has been received relatively well by the community, however, fans of the game are always looking forward to the next big release.


That’s why information revealed by leakers is so sought after by fans. Of course, no leak gets Fortnite players more excited than unreleased weapons, particularly when the weapons look insanely fun to use.

Fortnite unreleased weapons leak

A set of unreleased weapon leaks were posted to the FortniteLeaks subreddit and came courtesy of Fortnite leaker ximton.


It’s unknown when or if any of these weapons will ever be added to Fortnite. Either way, there’s nothing better than seeing unreleased weapons in action and these certainly did not disappoint.

Starting off we have what looks to be a minigun grenade launcher that deals area of effect damage. The weapon shoots out grenades at a rapid speed and would definitely cause absolute chaos if it was added into the game.


It was rumored that this weapon was set to be released in Season 4 but in the end, it was never implemented.

Leaked gun (via @ximton) from r/FortniteLeaks


Next, is an electric themed weapon that shoots balls of explosive energy. The appearance of the gun is relatively standard but the gunfire animations look great. By the looks of it, the weapon is similar to a grenade launcher in that its projectiles explode when they land.

It’s difficult to say whether Epic has any plans to add this into Fortnite in an upcoming update but the thread does note that the weapon is “possibly scrapped”.


Unreleased Electric Gun weapon! (Possibly scrapped) (via: @ximton) from r/FortniteLeaks

Finally, this has to be the most hilarious and insane weapon of the bunch. It’s not very often you run into a gun that shoots gnomes at your enemies. Alongside the gnome projectiles, the weapon has a strange sound that mimics an out of tune guitar when it is shot.

As the thread states, this is most likely a dev only weapon but it’s definitely a gun that Fortnite fans would be desperate to see added to the game.

Gnome Gun – it shoots gnomes..? (Most likely dev weapon only) (Via: @ximton) from r/FortniteLeaks

We can only keep our fingers crossed that some of these weapons will be eventually added to the game. Unfortunately, there’s usually a good reason why they have been left to the wayside by developers.

Either way, it’s great to see videos of each of the guns in action and imagine a world where the gnome gun actually made it into Fortnite.