Fortnite: Leaked skins and cosmetics found in the November 6 v6.22 patch files [Names and rarities] - Dexerto

Fortnite: Leaked skins and cosmetics found in the November 6 v6.22 patch files [Names and rarities]

Published: 6/Nov/2018 9:51 Updated: 6/Nov/2018 11:01

by Ross Deason


As is always the case after a major Fortnite update, data miners have been hard at work on leaking information on November 6.

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The files that they’ve been digging through have been related to the v6.22 patch, which introduced the all-new Heavy AR (which looks suspiciously like an AK-47) and the Team Terror LTM.

Also included was the return of the extremely popular Blitz mode and the official release of the NFL crossover outfits that had been teased on November 5.

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The majority of the leaks for this particular patch also seem to be related to the NFL, with referee skins and various different uniforms available!


There are some cool separate skins and a few other cosmetics included, though, so there’s still something for the players that aren’t fans of the NFL.

You can find all of the November 6 cosmetic leaks below:


Whistle Warrior (Uncommon)

Throw a flag on the play

Striped Soldier (Uncommon)

Call it like you see it

Juke (Epic)

Leave them in your dust

Spike (Epic)

Throw it on the ground

A.I.M (Legendary)

Scanning area for targets

Juke (Epic)

Leave them in your dust

Gridiron (Epic)

Dominate the field

Interceptor (Epic)

Take what’s theirs

End Zone (Epic)

Deep in opposition territory


Rush (Epic)

Just keep running

Strong Guard (Epic)

Protect the blind side


Interceptor (Epic)

Take what’s theirs


Upright Axe (Rare)

It’s up, and it’s good!

First Downer (Uncommon)

10 yards to victory 

A.X.E (Rare)

Perfectly programmed pick

Golden Pigskin (Uncommon)

Claim the trophy 

Back Bling

E.L.I.M (Legendary)

Increment elimination count



Remember that most of these leaks are currently unconfirmed by Epic Games but there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll see all of the above added to the game over the next few days and weeks.

Check back later for more information on names and rarities!