What will the Fortnite Hunting Party skin look like? Data miners leak mystery outfit [Back bling with kill counter]

Data miners have given us our first look at the highly anticipated Hunting Party skin for Fortnite Battle Royale following the November 6 update.

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As is often the case after a Fortnite update, the release of the v6.22 patch files means that data miners have been able to begin digging through them for hidden gems and information.

As a result, the November 6 leaks are already beginning to flow. Perhaps the most exciting of those comes in the form of a sneak peek for the upcoming Hunting Part skin.

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The head and shoulder shot provided doesn’t seem to show the most exciting skin ever, but we’re willing to bet that this will be another outfit that changes and updates over time as you level it up.

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According to leaked names and rarities, the skin will be Legendary and called ‘A.I.M’. The description reads: “Scanning area for targets.”

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The Back Bling for the skin has also been leaked, and it appears to show a counter of some sort on the back of an industrial-looking piece of equipment with a hazard sign.

Our best guess is that the number shown will be a kill counter – perhaps for kills in each game or perhaps a countdown to when you’ll level the skin up?

(The kill counter now seems to have been confirmed. The Back Bling will be named ‘E.L.I.M’ and come with the description: “Increment elimination count.”)

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The Hunting Party skin is linked to the Hunting Party challenges that have been ongoing throughout Season 6 in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Much like the Blockbuster skin in Season 4 and the Road Trip skin in Season 5, the Hunting Party skin can only be unlocked by completing the weekly bonus Hunting Party challenges after you’ve completed the seven standard ones for the week.

Completing the Hunting Party challenge usually consists of finding a clue in that week’s loading screen and using that hint to find a hidden Battle Star or Banner somewhere on the map.

You’ll need to complete all of the Hunting Party challenges to get the skin. Our Week 6, Season 6 Hunting Party guide can be found here.

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