Fortnite leak reveals fan favourite mode will return for Halloween

. 11 months ago
Horde Rush mode fortnite
Epic Games

Fortnite fans are in for a treat, as a new leak claims that an iconic fan-favorite mode will return for a limited time.

Making a spooky splash with Fortnite players back in June 2019, Horde Rush upgraded familiar concepts with an Epic Games spin. Taking the tried and tested formula of undead survival, Fortnite retrofitted this concept to take advantage of its fast-paced gameplay.

Not only did this mode throw up some thrilling combat encounters, but added a welcome layer of competition as fellow teammates would be keen to achieve the highest score.

Two years after the mode debuted, it might just be time to shake off the cobwebs. 

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The Rift Tour managed to impress both players and streamers alike.

Fan-favorite mode will return soon

The latest Season of Fortnite has been nothing short of energetic, that’s for sure, and that energy isn’t about to fizzle out either. According to reliable Fortnite leaker HYPEX, this Halloween, fans can expect Horde Rush to make a welcome return to the game. 

Specifics on rewards are currently unknown, but we can assume that this returning event will start to appear at some point in the next season. Fortnite will receive a new Season this September, after finally bringing DC legends such as Superman and members of The Suicide Squad into battle. Fortnite players will be pleased to know that Horde Rush will be bringing along some variety to keep things fresh. 

Not only will score multipliers keep the competitive juices flowing, but zombies will be able to produce harmful attacks. Red zombies will explode within proximity of the player, while Green zombies will exude a dangerous poison. The Gold variants have increased strength and, finally, White zombies can chill the player’s feet, making any escape difficult. 

To counter the increased difficulty, players will auto-heal and be revived between each wave of the grueling undead. Obelisks Chests also offer the player a chance to acquire kitted out weapons in their quest to survive. This will be especially useful when facing off against the final boss, whatever that may be. 

With some already colorful characters on the roster, we’ll be looking forward to teaming up with the likes of Superman, John Wick, Harry Kane, and Black Widow in Horde Rush this Halloween.

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