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Dua Lipa and Halsey in Fortnite? Rumors spark after successful Ariana Grande concert

Published: 7/Aug/2021 22:55

by Alan Bernal


After the Ariana Grande concert in Fortnite, fans think they’re finding clues of who might join the game’s live setlist next – with rumors revolving around Halsey and Dua Lipa.

The ever-expanding Fortnite metaverse is filling up with characters from major brands and franchises like Disney, Capcom, and more lending their properties to the massive Fortnite fanbase.

That’s since expanded to include popular artists like Travis Scott and Marshmello working with Epic on insane concerts in-game.

With the conclusion of Ariana Grande’s big event in Fortnite, people are now looking forward to what else the studio could have planned. That’s where speculation from Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard’s Instagram started to arise.


User ‘Necessary-Bluebird-9’ noticed that Mustard had started following Halsey and Dua Lipa on Instagram.

Donald Mustard (the creator of Fortnite) just followed Halsey and Dua Lipa on Instagram today, he only follows 23 people. Both artists may be involved with Fortnite in the future… from FortNiteBR

While follows and interactions like that are commonplace in social media, Fortnite fans have become instinctually suspicious of Mustard’s online habits.

The longtime Fortnite lead has a history of giving fans cryptic clues to upcoming events in the battle royale. That can range from anything like strangely worded messages to mysterious images, and everything in between.

Now people have noticed that he’s following two of music’s biggest artists so soon after Ariana’s Fortnite stage debut.

Of course, this sparked speculation within the community that the two will have some collaboration within Fortnite down the line.


Epic have defined what the ‘star treatment’ can look like for artists willing to lend their talents for the game. The studio has had massive success for turning real life celebrities into Fortnite skins preceding massive concert events in-game.

While it’s way too soon for Epic to put something together for Dua Lipa or Halsey, it’s never too soon to tease upcoming collabs.

As it stands, there’s nothing tying the two artists to a future Fortnite appearance but fans are already hoping something will come about soon.