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Fortnite Lead Designer drops bizarre cryptic clue for Season 8

Published: 24/Feb/2019 14:17 Updated: 24/Feb/2019 16:31

by Calum Patterson


Design Lead for Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode, Eric Williamson, has confused and intrigued fans, by dropping a cryptic, and very odd, teaser for Season 8.

With Season 7 coming to an end on February 28, all eyes are looking to March 1, when Season 8 is expected to be underway.

With each successive season in Fortnite, more ambitious and extravagant changes to gameplay, the map and modes have been introduced, and Season 8 is expected to continue that trend.

But, with the new season less than one week away, fans still know little to nothing about what to expect when the v8.00 update finally drops on February 28.


During an AMA on Reddit on February 22, Williamson answered a fan’s request to “describe Season 8 in four words” – with a truly head scratching response.

Simple writing ‘Banana’ four times, Fortnite fans were likely left slightly more confused than they were before, but nonetheless intrigued.

What sticks out the most, other than ‘Bananas’, is the peculiar numbering. B4 could possibly relate to coordinates on the Fortnite map, which would be the location between Snobby Shores and Pleasant Park.

Will there be a new location added to B4?

As for ‘Banana’, this could be a hint towards a jungle biome, as fans have been predicting for numerous seasons. Some have pointed out a possible link to monkeys, and some sort of tropical environment.


Update: Epic Games have now released the first official teaser for Season 8 – and fans think it’s hinting at a Pirate them.

Perhaps bananas could be a new item – maybe a trap or consumable. Consumable apples, which give health, and Mushrooms, which give shield, are currently available on the Fortnite map – so maybe bananas are next?

It’s all a guessing game right now, and fans will just have to wait until the Season 8 trailer drops, presumably on February 28.