Fortnite gets new emote based on viral TikTok sea shanty

Tanner Pierce

Fortnite has gotten a brand-new emote based on a viral TikTok sea shanty that recently exploded in popularity, complete with its own version of the song – and it’s safe to say that it’s almost as catchy as the original. 

If you’re a fan of the viral TikTok sea shanty trend that swept the platform in January 2021, and you’re also a fan of Fortnite, then there’s something tailor-made available in the game just for you.

Epic Games has added a new emote into the game called ‘Shanty for a Squad,’ which features a song that sounds remarkably similar to the TikTok sea shanty, made famous by user Nathan Evans. While its inclusion is certainly hilarious, it’s not that surprising.

When Fortnite’s 15.50 patch went live, leakers began posting titles, sounds, and even images of leaked cosmetics for the game, as per usual. This emote caught the eye of some players due to the fact that it’s a complete parody of the now-famous sea shanty.

The emote features the character beating a drum and singing the Fortnite version of the song. Of course, it doesn’t share the same exact lyrics as the viral track, either due to copyright reasons or because Epic just wanted to make their own Fortnite version of the song – but the result is still hilarious.

Fortnite Sea Shanty emote
The Shanty for a Squad emote is available right now in-game.

What’s even more perfect is the fact that the emote can be used in conjunction with other players, synching up with them in the process, so that you can all sing along together.

The Shanty for a Squad emote is available in the game right now for a limited time and will only set players back a mere 500 V-Bucks – which is a pretty affordable price, especially for those fans who fell in love with the original song.

Unfortunately, it’s unknown how long it’ll be available for, so fans should go and pick it up as soon as they possibly can.