Fortnite bug shows what upcoming first-person mode will look like

Fortnite Geralt skinEpic Games

A new Fortnite bug has given players a sneak peek at what a first-person mode could look when it’s added to the game.

The Fortnite v23.30 update is finally here, which means players can now claim Son Gohan and Piccolo – two new skins from the Dragon Ball x Fortnite collaboration. There are also several new Reality Augments and the return of the Kamehameha and the Nimbus Cloud.

While these new additions are obviously exciting for any Dragon Ball fan, a new bug has revealed what a first-person mode could look like. Ever since Epic Games added Zero Build, players have wanted the developers to experiment with additional game modes.

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One of the most highly requested is a first-person mode, which would drastically shake up the way the popular battle royale plays. While details on a Fortnite first-person mode remain rather scarce, a new bug has showcased how it could look if it were to ever be released.

Fortnite first-person mode bug

According to Shiina, a notable Fortnite leaker, the Fortnite first-person camera bug seen in the footage below resembles what Epic Games is currently working on. During the clip, the player can be seen flying on a Nimbus Cloud before dropping to the ground. They then select their AR, which switches to a first-person view.

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With the increased zoom, the player is able to quickly snap onto targets and gun them down with greater accuracy than ever before. In fact, the AR becomes very similar to that of the Red Eye AR, which is favored by those who wish to line up accurate head and bodyshots.

While the character model does occasionally clip through the gun’s sights, it gives us an early look at how a first-person mode could look in Fortnite. It’s unknown what caused this bug, but it’s an exciting glimpse at what’s to come.