Fortnite earthquake to begin Season 8 looks more likely than ever

Epic Games will have been planning the next big step for Fortnite for quite some time, but a new leak seems to have uncovered their plans and it looks highly likely that an earthquake is now imminent.

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Fortnite Season 7 has been a wild journey for players, with the removal of some previously popular locations to make way for a huge iceberg which came crashing into the map and the controversial addition of new weapons and vehicles. 

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However, Epic look to going a step further with the upcoming season by preparing the arrival of an earthquake which could completely shake up Battle Royale mode – if the latest leaks are to be believed. 

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FortToryIs an earthquake event going to kick off Fortnite Season 8?

This time, though, a photo of a file labelled ‘Earthquake’ has been revealed on Twitter by FortTory – an account that often posts Fortnite leaks for the community to explore. 

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The directory was found in the v7.30 content update files and could be an indication of what’s to come next in Fortnite Season 8. After all, they do fall in line with other leaks from dataminers which gave us an indication of an impending natural disaster on the game. 

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Another leaked piece of information, posted by the same account, features a short video package that seems to have several different earthquake sound effects as well. These include small, medium and large shake effects, which all could be used for tremors in Battle Royale. 

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Whether or not these pieces of audio, or even the directory of files, are genuine remains to be seen. 

However, it does give fans more food for thought as they await the next big change for Season 8 and rivals other possibilities which have been reported of late, like Fortnite heading into space in the near future. 

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