Here’s why a future Fortnite season could be in space

Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale could very well make the transition from the current map to playing in space in an upcoming season. 

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The Fortnite map has expanded, hit by asteroids and been crashed into by a huge iceberg since the game was first released in July, 2017, as Epic Games continues to reinvent people’s experience on Battle Royale. 

Now, with everything in place for the developer to move our battles from the land to the air, it’s just down to whether or not they would like to pull the trigger. 

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meme_dyl, RedditFortnite already has space-themed skins like the Dark Voyager (above), Mission Specialist and others.

After all, many people would see this as a huge risk for the developer. Call of Duty moved away from their core gameplay a few years back with the introduction of exosuits and their titles have been rather polarizing since that time. 

Fortnite is a very different proposition, though. Its general audience – which obviously excludes those involved with competitive play – enjoy that the developer is always on the front foot and trying to surprise them. 

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In fact, the introduction of Creative mode at the beginning of Season 7 encouraged people to push boundaries, take their combat to places it’s never been before and judging by the creation below, things could be very interesting if they took us off land. 

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The creation, which was put together by DFault Skin and posted to their YouTube channel, has already grabbed the attention of several Epic Games employees who were left stunned by its innovative design.

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“The area is 50 x 50 blocks big and I think I worked a whole day to only complete the black canvas,” its creator revealed, after being congratulated by Epic artist Riot001 on the Fortnite Creative subreddit. 

It only took DFault skin a week to produce something like this on their own. The ‘INT. SNIPESTATION’ structure has since been shared by Epic Games’ Nick Chester on Twitter, where he said it’s like “nothing we have in the game whatsoever.”

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With the green light from many Epic employees already flashing loud and clear, the question is whether or not we could see something like this in a future season.

Many members of the game’s online community have had their own concepts and ideas tweaked and added to the game in the past – perhaps not after the same level of adulation that this space station has received – but you never really know what’s around the corner in Fortnite. 

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The tools to take Battle Royale into space are already in the game, that much is clear. All we need now is a rocket to bring the players into the server, a few unique locations and ding, ding, ding… We have a match. 

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