Fortnite players report earthquakes that hint at jungle biome rumors

fortnite earthquake jungle biomeEpic Games

Fortnite players have encountered in-game earthquake events that suggest the jungle biome rumors may be accurate.

Rumors about Fortnite’s supposed jungle biome began swirling a few weeks ago, thanks to a leak based on a datamined game file.

The file most notably featured an asset labeled “MF_AsteriaCustomBiomes_Jungle,” leading many to believe that Chapter 4 Season 3 would introduce a new jungle area.

While Epic Games remains silent on the matter, leaks and rumors about the new season continue to circulate. Now a specific in-game event has some Fortnite players thinking that an explorable jungle isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.

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Fortnite earthquakes hint that a jungle biome is incoming

User AetherIke shared gameplay footage on Reddit that shows an earthquake shifting the Anvil Square location in Fortnite. In addition to tearing the ground apart, the earthquake event also produced vines that burst through the cracks.

Other Redditors chimed in to say they’ve seen similar occurrences throughout the last week or so, which suggests Epic could be building up to something big.

Some players posit that Fortnite’s random earthquake occurrences may serve as evidence that a jungle biome is indeed on the way.

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Wrote one person in the Reddit thread, “People thought it was the Volcano coming up, but the Vines seems to point toward a jungle Biome.”

“Jungle biome incoming,” another player said in the comments, which are filled with similarly educated guesses.

At the time of writing, the crew at Epic Games has yet to so much as tease the theme of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. The wait for concrete information shouldn’t last for long, however. Chapter 2 ends on June 9, meaning the third chapter should arrive shortly thereafter.

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