Insane god mode exploit with Fortnite BRUTE mech makes you invincible

Daniel Cleary
Epic Games

Fortnite Battle Royale‘s Season X addition of the BRUTE Mech suit is causing more frustration for players after a new glitch was found making players invincible.

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The release of the BRUTE has been met with massive backlash from popular streamers and members from the Fortnite community with many, such as FaZe EwOk, calling for the feature to be vaulted from the game.

A new glitch which included the controversial mech was recently discovered, which allows players to become invincible by using the armored suit, adding even more pressure on Epic Games to address fans’ concerns.

The BRUTE mech suits have been one of the more controversial additions to Fortnite.
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The god mode glitch was shared by Fortnite YouTuber, OrangeGuy, who displayed how the glitch was done and just how powerful it could be in-game.

His video demonstrated that simply using two Junk Rifts on the mech before jumping in and stomping with it was all it took to give him this “God Mode”, before displaying just how much damage his character could take once he had completed the glitch.

Although the bugged character could not use any weapons, he was completely immune to taking any damage from players and the storm, meaning that players could easily guarantee themselves a victory royale without needing to do anything more.

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The bug was found only a short time after major nerfs had been made to the BRUTE mech in Fortnite such as decreasing the robot’s fire rate, mobility and much more in an attempt to make it fairer to those tasked with facing them in-game.

Epic Games had previously announced that the BRUTE, alongside many of their upcoming changes, would be here to stay, as part of the strategy to encourage new players into the game, despite some criticism from their players wanting for the complete removal of the mechs.

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This insane glitch has not yet been patched by Epic Games but it is unlikely that it will be left in the game for much longer with the focus they have shown on making the Mech more viable for players with their recent updates.