Fortnite Darkfire bundle revealed: release date, cosmetics, and more

Eli Becht

Warner Bros. and Epic Games are teaming up to launch the Fortnite: Darkfire Bundle and it’s already being called the biggest content pack ever to come to the game.

This new retail bundle will appear in stores for $30 and feature $80 worth of in-game cosmetics, ranging from skins, back blings, pickaxes, wraps, and emotes.

Featuring 13 items in total, this is the biggest content bundle to ever arrive in Fortnite quite easily and it’ll be available worldwide.

@VastBlastt, TwitterCould these be the skins included in the Darkfire bundle?

What’s in the bundle?

This cosmetic pack is massive and there’s a lot being stuff in here for such a low price – by Fortnite pricing standards that is.

By picking up the bundle, you will be able to get your hands on the following gear:

  • Three Legendary outfits
  • Three Legendary back blings
  • Three Rare dual-wielding pickaxes
  • Three Epic wraps
  • One new emote

What we are missing is images of them, but it’s safe to assume those will be revealed down the line. 

It’s expected that they will look something along the lines of the leaked cosmetics that were found in the 10.20 update by VastBlast, although it’s worth noting that things found in the data files are always subject to change before being added to the full game.

If you’re a big Fortnite fan, it’ll definitely be worth picking up the bundle for the sheer amount of cosmetics alone.

What platforms is it available on?

You’ll be able to pick up the Darkfire bundle on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch either in stores or through the respective digital marketplace.

It doesn’t sound like PC or mobile players will be included with this, but considering how you can link your account across multiple platforms, there will still be a way to get the cosmetics on those platforms.

Epic GamesThe PS4 pack shot of the Darkfire bundle.

Darkfire bundle release date

For those wanting to get their hands on it, you will have to wait until November 5 – which is exactly two months from this initial announcement.

This release date has likely been set later down the road so that it can remain a potentially hot holiday gift for children, as parents will no doubt be looking to snap up some Fortnite-related stuff around that time.

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