Fortnite Chapter 3 leaked with new loading screen

The Cube Queen in Fortnite floats above the island surrounded by a ball of energyEpic Games

Fortnite Chapter 3 could be arriving sooner than fans expected, with a familiar in-game playlist to usher in ‘The End of Chapter 2’ event alongside it. 

Fortnite Chapter 2 has been around since October 2019, but it may be time for fans to prepare to say goodbye.

While there is no set date for when the end of the season is arriving, some new leaks suggest that the second era of the game is steaming ahead towards its conclusion.

And if it’s anything like last time, nothing is safe from getting a complete makeover.

Fortnite Chapter 3 loading screen leak

The first leak, courtesy of FNBRIntel and YLSDev, shows several of the game’s heroes preparing to venture into battle against The Cube Queen.

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Much of Chapter 2 has been devoted to the ongoing war effort and it looks as if things are finally coming to a head before the arrival of Chapter 3.

The End event returns in Fortnite Chapter 2

Another leak has revealed the return of “The End” – the climactic playable event from Chapter One that allowed players a first-hand view of the original map’s downfall.

There are still no details about how this event will work in Chapter 2 but if it follows the same format as the first version, anyone who wants to see the end of the Cube War – and maybe even get a glance at Chapter 3 – will want to tune in for it.

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The last version of the event saw the destruction of the game’s first map through a massive black hole and brought a real-life 37-hour pause to matchmaking activities in preparation for the Chapter 2 reveal.

While the specifics of this event are still up in the air, for more information about what we do know, check out our Fortnite Chapter 3 hub for all the up-to-date leaks and announcements.