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FaZe Tfue’s dad knows how to celebrate his son’s Fortnite wins

Published: 13/Oct/2018 22:37 Updated: 14/Oct/2018 3:54

by Virginia Glaze


FaZe Tfue recently took Week 4 of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish, a six-week tournament series hosted by Epic Games that awards over ten million dollars in prize money.

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Tfue streamed the tournament on Twitch, where he and his teammates engaged in a pretty boisterous celebration after his victory. Between a foamy bottle of champagne and a shower of Tfue stickers, the team was just as excited for the player’s win as he was.

Even Tfue’s father took part in the pop offs, peeking through the window to give a proud message to the stream.

“Thats two wins!” He shouted excitedly. “Two wins! When he was playing solo! So I’m gonna make him number one in the world, 146 million, two-time – oh yeah baby!”


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One of the party goers then poured the champagne over his head, which had been opened just after Tfue climbed through the window of his streaming office to join in the celebration.

“I love it! I love it!” Tfue’s father shouted amidst the champagne shower. “Number one in the world!”

This isn’t the first time Tfue’s dad has expressed excitement over his son’s wins on stream, either. He also crashed Tfue’s livestream in July, after his victory with FaZe cLoak in a Fortnite Fridays tournament, where he dumped champagne on his son’s head out of joy.


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Tfue’s latest victory earned him $37,500 and 170 team points for the Rift Raiders. 

While Tfue’s stellar performances might have outshined the competition, his dad certainly stole the show.