FaZe Tfue allegedly swatted LIVE during Fortnite pro scrim game and wins

Professional Fortnite player and streamer FaZe Tfue was allegedly swatted during his livestream of a pro scrim game on November 9 – and managed to pull off a win in the midst of the madness.

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Tfue was participating in the game with teammate FaZe Cloak when he noticed the sound of police sirens in the street outside of the Clout house.

“Man, what the fuck? Do you hear the police on our street?” He asked Cloak.

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Tfue then stepped away from his setup to scout out the situation for a cool minute, and returned to the game blessedly unharmed – securing a #1 Victory Royale shortly thereafter.

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“Fuck, I was AFK like half that game,” Tfue said of his win. “Dude, why the fuck were the cops here?”

A short conversation between he and Cloak revealed that law enforcement had only visited the Clout house, leaving the neighboring FaZe Fortnite team house untouched.

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According to Tfue, two police officers were called to the house in an alleged swatting. Two neighbors, who were making art in the street at the time of the incident, managed to clear up the situation before it could escalate further – likely saving Tfue from a stressful investigation.

“Somebody obviously tried to fucking swat me,” Tfue explained to his stream. “Fucking idiots. Dumbasses. Fucking wasting peoples’ time. The cops could be out there saving lives, but they’re coming to my house because of some kid.”

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Tfue then went on to explain that the prank caller had told officers that an invader was breaking into his home, which he vehemently denied.

Swatting has recently become a major issue for internet personalities; IRL streamer ICE_POSEIDON was swatted on a plane in summer 2017, after revealing his flight number during a live broadcast, and Kansas resident Andrew Finch was even killed in a swatting prank in summer 2018.