PewDiePie fans want Epic Games and Fortnite to help him defeat T-Series subscribers

With the ongoing battle for most subscribed YouTube channel getting closer between PewDiePie and T-Series, fans of the former think that Epic Games and Fortnite could help tip the scales.

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Currently, PewDiePie still holds the title as the most subscribed YouTube channel, with just shy of 70 million, but Indian record label and production company T-Series is gaining on him, and fast.

It is estimated that in the next month, PewDiePie will lose his long held crown as number 1, but the community has rallied behind him, attempting to prevent a corporate channel taking the top spot.

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But, PewDiePie fans that double as Fortnite players think enlisting the help of another corporation could be the difference maker, suggesting Epic Games step in and take action.

Redditor ‘FrankTheReal’ shared his idea to have Epic add a skin to the game which requires users to subscribe to PewDiePie to receive, which quickly received support across PewDiePie and Fortnite sub reddits.

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The idea, although unlikely, isn’t impossible. After all, Epic Games previously added a PewDiePie inspired banner to the Save the World mode, emblazoned with his ‘bro fist’ logo.

However, Epic Games is very unlikely to show such favoritism to a content creator, particularly one who doesn’t often play Fortnite at all – especially after Ninja’s reaction to believing they had added a Summit1G skin to the game.

The PewDiePie banner in Fortnite.

In fact, there are currently no skins inspired by content creators, despite the obvious popularity they would receive, likely because Epic doesn’t want to cause any controversy with accusations of favoritism.

At the time of writing, PewDiePie is leading T-Series by around half a million subscribers, recently tipping over 70 million – see the live subscriber counts here.