Nate Hill and FunkBomb punished by Epic Games for Fortnite Fall Skirmish cheating incident

Published: 25/Sep/2018 13:48 Updated: 25/Sep/2018 14:24

by Ross Deason


FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill has been suspended from Fortnite’s Fall Skirmish series and FunkBomb has been kicked from the competition entirely following the recent cheating incident.

The news was announced on stream by Nate Hill on September 24 when he read out an email that he had received from Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite.

The players made headlines during the latest installment of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish tournament when FunkBomb, who was already dead, decided to watch the stream of the game and give information to his teammate.

Both players were quick to realize that what they were doing was wrong, and both apologized shortly after the incident, but Epic Games appear to be making an example of them in order to prevent other players from repeating their mistake.

“As the teammate and beneficiary, I’ll be suspended immediately from participating in all the Skirmish trials and Skirmishes until conclusion of suspension, October 11,” Nate Hill explained to his stream. “Still a member of Dusty Dogs club and will remain eligible for club prizing,” he continued.

While the suspension is sure to hit Nate hard, it is nothing compared to the punishment that FunkBomb has received. “Funk is kicked out of Dusty Dogs, effective immediately, will not be eligible for club prizing,” the FaZe player explained as he continued to read the email.

The only silver lining for FunkBomb came in the final lines of the email. “He can go to TwitchCon and playing the TwitchCon tournament,” Nate explained.

Shortly after getting the news, Nate stated “it’s only two weeks but I didn’t fucking do anything, bro. I didn’t fucking do anything, dude. Like, I’m not gonna argue with the rule, obviously Funk fucked up.”

While Epic Games have classed Nate as the “beneficiary” of FunkBomb’s cheating, the FaZe player and many of his fans believe that the fact that he didn’t encourage it or ask for it should have been enough for him to escape any serious punishment.

The Dusty Dogs Club is one of the five clubs introduced by Epic Games for the start of the Fall Skirmish. Players are split into these clubs and earn points for both themselves and their club during tournaments.

It is currently uncertain whether FunkBomb will be banned from all online competitions or whether his suspension will be lifted after the conclusion of the Fall Skirmish.


SypherPK reveals Fortnite Season 5 glitch that lets you float at Coral Castle

Published: 20/Jan/2021 0:14 Updated: 20/Jan/2021 0:15

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


SypherPK has already found quite a few tips, tricks, and glitches in Fortnite Season 5, but none are as hilarious as this one at Coral Castle that lets players ‘float’ in the air.

Fortnite Season 5 is well-polished, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t tricks and glitches that players can exploit. Game-breaking ones like being able to stay in the storm forever inevitably get patched.

However, smaller ones are more difficult to iron out, and nobody finds them better than Ali ‘SypherPk’ Hassan. He’s shared many crazy tips and tricks in the past. Now, he’s at it again with a glitch that lets players ‘float.’ He showed it off in a recent video, and the results are hilarious.

If you want to know how to do it, here’s a quick guide.

Fortnite Bash Burner Pickaxe SypherPK
Twitter: SypherPK
SypherPK is the king of finding and sharing tips and tricks in Fortnite.

How to perform the ‘float’ glitch in Fortnite Season 5

To begin, you’ll need to make your way to Coral Castle. It’s not a popular landing spot by any means. SypherPK has only landed there about five times in total himself due to the lack of loot. However, the float glitch makes it more compelling.

Take note of what looks like a small pink pebble floating in the air. It’s difficult to spot at first, but once you’ve seen it in the video below, you’ll know what it is. Strangely, you can stand on it, even though it’s tiny.

Build your way up and perch yourself on top of the pebble. Then, knock all the platforms down and stay up there, which creates the illusion of floating. It’s no cheap gimmick, though. It’s an excellent spot to rain down some bullets on unsuspecting foes, even if it leaves you a bit vulnerable.

SypherPK managed to snag a bunch of eliminations while standing up there. He even managed to get a couple of early shots in and then swoop down on opponents while they were recovering.

SypherPK’s ‘float’ glitch probably won’t win you a game. However, it looks like a lot of fun and will likely help you secure some easy eliminations.

In the end, being innovative is a part of the game, and this glitch takes full advantage of that. 

Plus, imagine the look on your opponent’s face when they realize where they got shot from.